July 17, 2024
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Digital Marketing Expert Abdallah Hawshar Sheds Light on Storytelling as an Important Marketing Tool

Digital marketing has changed the face of marketing as social media has revolutionized how businesses connect with their audience and prospective customers. Abdallah Hawshar, the founder of Crown Digital Agency, has developed numerous marketing strategies and is willing to share one of the most profound strategies he has implemented: storytelling as a marketing tool.

At Crown Digital Agency, Abdallah Hawshar encourages the use of storytelling as he notes that storytelling is an important part of the human race. He strongly believes that marketers are in the business of grabbing people’s attention and telling stories is the easiest way to do that. For decades, storytelling has been used in marketing with TV commercials and ads adopting brand storytelling that align with the brand’s values and principles to create a perception of what the brand stands for in the buyers’ minds.

Having seen how effective storytelling is in the marketing world, Abdallah Hawshar implores B2B marketing teams to focus specifically on storytelling skills across their organizations and customer touch points to be more relatable to the masses. Storytelling helps humanize B2B companies’ products and services and makes audiences stick with their brands.

In Abdallah Hawshar’s experience, he groups storytelling into three broad categories, which are brand storytelling, audience-centered storytelling, and individual storytelling. He believes that every marketer should be able to adopt any of these storytelling types to leverage in their marketing funnels. He also shares that stories at every stage of the marketing funnel have to be engaging, emotional, and authentic. Audiences are also more likely to retain 70% of information through stories because they learn the language first and pay less attention to data and statistics.

Crown Digital always attempts to create memorable interactions with their audience to give them a feeling to always remember. For every client that the digital marketing agency works with, its main goals are to build a tribe and community of attentive audience, be as human as possible in their marketing efforts, and be profitable. Crown Digital has a five-step process in its storytelling strategy, which includes identifying the hero, the hero’s current situation, highlighting the hero’s pain point, solving the pain with the brand’s unique idea, and choosing a delivery medium and channel for promotion.

Abdallah Hawshar hopes to see as many brands as possible adopt storytelling and trust an expert marketing agency to help them develop a strategy around that. He has developed different frameworks to achieve this at Crown Digital Agency, and over the next few years, he expects brands to leverage these solutions and take their marketing to the next level.

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