February 28, 2024
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Discover the Transformative Power of Neurodynamic Breathwork with Leif Bjelland

Neurodynamic Breathwork with Leif Bjelland
Photo Credit: Leif Bjelland

Transcendental meditation is a powerful form of meditation that includes repeating mantras, usually led by a spiritual teacher. The exploration and practice of transcendental meditation have led Leif Bjelland to dive into breathwork and discover the healing powers of Neurodynamic Breathwork. 

Born out of Bjelland’s desire to explore altered states of consciousness and enhance well-being, Neurodynamic Breathwork represents a distinctive approach to self-discovery and healing.

Now, Leif is committed to empowering others to push themselves beyond their physical and mental limits. Leif’s breathwork sessions invite all participants to explore their inner intuition and lean into the healing powers of Transcend Today’s holotropic style breathwork.

The Transformative Power of Neurodynamic Breathwork

Neurodynamic Breathwork, which is Leif’s specialization and the central offering of his brand Transcend Today, was developed by Michael Stone, a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and modern day shaman. It involves a specific breathing technique that induces a non-ordinary state of consciousness. 

Participants engage in deep, rhythmic breathing to access a heightened awareness, often accompanied by intense and vivid experiences. The term “holotropic” itself conveys the idea of moving toward wholeness, capturing the transformative potential of this practice. 

The breathwork sessions often involve evocative music, expressive movement, and the breathwork itself, which all catalyze profound inner experiences. Many practitioners report a range of effects, from emotional release and self-discovery to a sense of spiritual connection and expanded consciousness.

Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions are typically conducted in group settings, guided by trained facilitators like Leif, who create a safe and supportive environment for participants to delve into their inner landscapes.

The power of Leif’s breathwork sessions allows his students to shortcut through years of standard meditation, bringing you close to immediate results. 

From Baker to Breathwork Practitioner and Healer

But how did Leif Bjelland become a Neurodynamic Breathwork facilitator? 

Before Leif dedicated his life to breathwork and the exploration of consciousness, he had a successful career as a baker. Unusually enough, his mindfulness journey stemmed from almost two decades of professional baking. 

Renowned for his successful community business, Le Petit Outre, Leif shared the art and science of French bread baking. This commitment went as far as earning him a James Beard Award nomination for Best Baker in 2014.

In the comfort of his bakery and the repetitive nature of his craft, Leif discovered a serene space that allowed him to reach a state of flow. As his awareness expanded, he began the quest for that enhanced consciousness beyond the confines of baking. Soon enough, Leif was busy venturing into various sports, mainly cycling and snowboarding.

An avid listener of podcasts centering on bio-hacking, he aimed to optimize his performance in randonneuring, a French-style ultra-biking discipline. As a result, he engaged in the 2019 Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), an iconic long-distance cycling event spanning 1,200 km. 

However, it wasn’t long before he realized that the search for that constant state of flow couldn’t be achieved through physical activity alone. It was time to turn inward. That’s when he became interested in Transcendental Meditation. 

Through intense meditation practice, he was able to move away from seeking external flow states through physical activity in favor of an inner journey encompassing ancestral wisdom, cosmology, and consciousness.

This led to the discovery of an ancient breathwork method known as Neurodynamic Breathwork. The powerful effects of this breathing science are something Leif describes as “somewhere between sex and paragliding.” 

The next step in his spiritual journey was marked by Neurodynamic Breathwork, a holotropic-style breathwork and therapeutic method rooted in the work of psychiatrist Stanislav Grof. 

Experience the Power of Neurodynamic Breathwork

Today, Leif puts his acquired knowledge and experience to the service of others by facilitating hour-long Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions as a means of healing and self-discovery. The method aids in releasing bioenergetic tension, in turn contributing to a balanced and well-functioning body.

Leif’s spiritual path may not have been conventional, but somewhere in between his journey from baker to breathwork healer, he found a profound connection with his inner world and a commitment to helping others find theirs.

Today, Leif encourages all his students to let go of what no longer serves them through the practice of breathwork and meditation – whether it’s via a Zoom video conference or in-person sessions. 

With his brand, Transcend Today, he facilitates everyone, regardless of location on Zoom, to participate in group breathwork sessions and experience their transformative power. 

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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