May 28, 2024
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Doctor Duo Develops the Latest in Scar Treatment with Scarology

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Scars remind us that our past is real.” And while that may be true, not everyone wants a reminder of a traumatic experience that caused the scarring. Millions of people worldwide struggle with scars throughout the body caused by damage to the skin. These scars can come from burns, acne, car accidents, fall accidents, and so much more. Regardless of the severity of an injury, a scar may develop.

Despite advancements in technology, products on the market designed for scarring have failed to provide the results that most would like to achieve until now. Husband and wife physicians Dr. Jeanmarie Connor and Dr. Michael Connor have developed an advanced scar treatment designed to work deep within the layers of skin to reduce and eliminate deep scars, known as Scarology. The Ultimate Scar Care System is a three-step system including morning, evening, and night applications to help users experience the best results.

“Our goal with this product is to help those suffering from large, deep scars that haven’t faded despite constant use of over-the-counter products, such as cocoa butter and body oils. We’ve used our knowledge of skin cells while diving deep into researching effective ingredients to create a product that removes dead skin, speeds up the renewal process, and nourishes the skin to fade scars faster,” said Dr. Michael Connor. “The system is non-invasive and safe to use at home. Consumers can begin treating their scars each day while following the day, evening, and nighttime routine to achieve the best results.”

In the past, scar treatments have required costly visits to medical professionals and countless invasive, painful procedures that come with the risk of additional scarring. Those looking for an alternative to traditional practices performed for scarring can safely use Scarology’s effective products, which are ideal for children and adults.

“We’ve designed a product that works on new and old scars. It’s also effective at treating stretch marks, which is another common concern for some women and men who develop them. Patients can start with the morning application using the fruit acid exfoliator to eliminate the unhealthy skin cells on top of the scar before applying the Ultimate Scar Cream at least twice per day. Our scar cream promotes healthy skin cell growth and pairs perfectly with the Silicone Scar Sheets used during the night application,” shared Dr. Jeanmarie Connor. “Scarology is a medical-grade scar treatment that consumers can safely use at home, whether it’s a small, medium, or large scar on the face, arm, hand, or even the stomach.”

Developing a product effective enough to treat scars was the top priority for this dynamic doctor duo. With the firm belief that people should be able to heal their scars and drastically reduce their appearance, the couple worked tirelessly to develop a revolutionary product consisting of scientifically proven ingredients that fight inflammation and promote healing. As a result, Scarology can help millions of people gain confidence in their appearance while diminishing those unwanted scars using effective, safe products that nourish the skin.

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