July 16, 2024
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Dr. Kalei Ross Helps Enhance Communication By Satisfying the Sweet Tooth

They say that love makes the world go round, but chocolate makes the trip worthwhile. Romance and chocolate are almost synonymous—both taste sweet, heavenly, satisfying, and sometimes tempting and sinful. Since the time of the Aztecs, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac. It has been said to trigger “feel good” chemicals in the brain, making people feel warm and fuzzy. Today, whether it be Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversaries, the decadent dessert is an edible declaration of love. 

For Chocolate & Relationship Expert Dr. Kalei Ross, there’s nothing else out there that brings people together more than chocolate. According to Dr. Kalei, “Sometimes it requires taking the time to savor a particular bar of chocolate to appreciate its finer points. The same philosophy can be applied to people. It takes special and unique opportunities to connect individuals.” Dr. Kalei used to practice clinical psychology until she shifted her focus to the chocolate world. For someone who has a permanent sweet tooth, the journey has indeed been remarkable. 

Years ago, Dr. Kalei went on a trip to Paris to seek out chocolate purified of excess elements. As she scoured some of the world’s most famous chocolate shops, the chocolate gastronome documented this search and published her book entitled In Pursuit of Purity, The Paris Chocolate Files. In 2020, Dr. Kalei won the coveted international Gourmand Award in the Chocolate category, making it the only book from the USA to win this distinction in 2020. 

Thus, combining her knowledge and training as a doctor of clinical psychology with her love and expertise for chocolate, Dr. Kalei helps clients experience greater joy in life by transforming relationships using the mouth-watering treat as a medium. “Chocolate interpersonal experiences” were designed to provide practical tools to connect and enhance communication in relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom. The chocolate connoisseur believes that this appetizing process can help her clients build and maintain stronger bonds that lead to experiencing greater joy in life. She shared, “I use the universally loved comfort food, chocolate, as the focal point in helping others expand their relational connections.”

The delicacy diva is proud to do what she loves for a living. For Dr. Kalei, the desire to learn more about the chocolate world and how it affects people’s way of forming relationships is insatiable. “Although I no longer practice as a psychologist, I still have the desire to help those who are struggling relationally. When I shifted to focus on the chocolate world, I found that I could merge the two worlds in a way that accomplishes my desire to help others relationally through chocolate,” she said. 

Overall, Dr. Kalei encourages those who feel lonely and disconnected from the world to indulge in her services. She also offers the delectable experience to individuals struggling to develop friendships and couples wanting to reignite the spark through an intimate encounter. Companies who are looking for a fun team-building activity to strengthen relationships and improve productivity can also take part in Dr. Kalei’s chocolate connection activity. 

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