May 24, 2024
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Dr. Leshell Dennis Empowers Women to Live Their Best Lives Through Absolutely Flawless Women Inc. and Pamper Me Pink

Thriving certified life coach and pastoral counselor Dr. Leshell Dennis has been making a difference in the lives of multiple women throughout the course of her colorful career through the non-profit organization Absolutely Flawless Women Inc. She has dedicated a huge part of her life to empowering women by teaching them the value of positivity in overcoming life’s biggest challenges. By creating programs that train young women to create a powerful mindset, body, and soul, she has been instrumental in helping them achieve the best version of themselves. 

Absolutely Flawless Women Inc. has been an effective avenue for women seeking rehabilitative services that will improve their lives. Dr. Leshell Dennis and her partners in the cause have been working relentlessly to help various women plan for a better tomorrow, develop practical strategies that will elevate them in their careers, and experience freedom from the strongholds in their lives that prevent them from reaching their full potential. 

Working alongside her is Lisha Gist as the assistant of the administrator and in-charge of finances, Naomi Smack as Director of Transportation and Nutrition, Shekinah Fooks and Ameerah Lewis as Directors of Mentoring Program, and Pastor Charles Dennis Jr. as Director of Spiritual Intervention. Together, these highly motivated and committed individuals dedicate their time, energy, and expertise to see women break free from the things that hold them back in life. 

Dr. Leshell Dennis is also certified child care professional in two states, giving her the skills necessary to provide appropriate service that will meet the needs of children. She is also a special education certified assistant teacher, an associate degree in Theology, an MBA, book author, and a powerful public speaker. Just recently, she was recognized as one of the Top 40 Business Women the Year in the state of Delaware. 

Apart from all these, Dr. Leshell Dennis is also a thriving entrepreneur and co-owns Pamper Me Pink with Shekinah Fooks. The business is a body contour service provider that is committed to giving its clients the best experience. Established this 2021, Pamper Me Pink exemplifies excellent customer services that are designed to help women become more confident and satisfied with the shape of their bodies. 

Its services range from beach body belly buster to the bum lift, breast lift, cellulite removal, pamper V steam, and sauna wrap, among others. There are also customized packages for clients who prefer a specific kind of result. Group sessions are also available, including bridal parties. Giving its clients a memorable and satisfying experience is of utmost importance. 

Collectively, Dr. Leshell Dennis is one of the most productive and driven women of this generation. Her passion to impact the lives of women from all walks of life is incomparable and truly admirable. As she commits to helping more women realize their full potential in the coming years, she can be expected to add value to more lives. And as she seeks to enjoin more people to support her advocacy, there is no doubt that many will embrace her cause. Learn more about Absolutely Flawless Women Inc. by visiting its website.

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