June 22, 2024
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Tummy Tucks and Rhinofiller Expert Dr. Luca Grassetti Helps Others Regain Their Confidence

Pregnancy, from the complex process of conception to delivery, is a miracle of life. Unfortunately, this miracle is not without complication, especially for women who experience varying physical, mental and emotional changes. For example, many studies show that one in three women suffer from Diastasis of the Rectus abdominal muscles after pregnancy. In this condition, the rectus muscles, or the six-pack ab muscles, separate during pregnancy from being stretched, leading to a stomach bulge. On top of that, the breast skin loses its elasticity and sags along the chest wall, along with functional disorders such as low back pain, indigestion, and urinary incontinence. Over time, these changes can erode a woman’s self-esteem.

To help women regain their confidence and restore their postpartum bodies, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Luca Grassetti led the charge with Abdominoplasty and Mastoplasty surgery, better known as a mommy makeover or postpartum surgery. With his unbridled expertise in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Grassetti uses minimally invasive techniques to recreate the pre-pregnancy tone, volume, and muscular continence. 

His signature technique creates a taut pull of the belly by cutting loose skin while utilizing mesenchymal stem cells derived from the patient’s adipose tissue to regenerate stretching marks after weight loss or pregnancy. This distinct approach to tummy tuck using the body’s tissues promises great results as no external material that can cause complications is used. 

Through his renowned practice, Dr. Luca Grassetti has helped hundreds of people walk the path to a true inner rebirth, helping them to regain confidence in themselves and possession of their lives. His vast experience as a reconstructive surgeon is painstakingly detailed in his Amazon best-selling book “Paths of Rebirth.” Within the pages of the life-changing book, Dr. Grassetti describes some of his surgical operations and their lasting impact on patients who have been guided along a path of personal growth and inner rebirth. “Plastic Surgery, done when you need it, changes you in your soul, and those around you see and breathe it,” he explained. 

Aside from his accomplishments in postpartum surgery, Dr. Luca Grassetti is also acclaimed as the “Wizard of Rhinofiller,” an inexpensive and minimally invasive technique that uses hyaluronic acid injected in specific points of the nose to straighten humps and lift fallen nasal tips in a matter of minutes. His innate expertise with this procedure has made him the doctor of choice for well-known influencers, celebrities and TV personalities to correct nose defects. As a result, he is often invited on several RAI 1 television programs (Buongiorno Benessere, Unomattina) and on local TV and radio to share his expertise as a specialist for Rhinofiller and Abdominoplasty.

In addition to his brilliant expertise, the highlight of Dr. Luca Grassetti’s approach is his ability to make patients feel comfortable and at home during consultation while helping them carve a path to wellness. As a result, his practice is acclaimed as the best in Italy. 

Sharing his vision for the coming years, Dr. Grassetti insightfully said he aims “to accompany patients on a ‘Rebirth Path,’ in which Plastic Surgery is the means to begin or complete an inner rebirth; because when those around you change for the better, you too breathe better air.”

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