May 27, 2024
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Dreamshine Owner Mark Minard Offers Advice on Taking Your Dreams to the Next Level

Dreamshine, a business that prioritizes those with special needs while offering countless programs designed to help individuals excel in life, has garnered quite a positive reputation while operating for the past 15 years. Even if you’ve heard of the business before, you probably didn’t know much about the face behind it. 

The company’s founder and CEO, Mark Minard, is a best-selling author, podcast host, and motivational speaker with valuable advice to offer entrepreneurial hopefuls. Despite his incredible success, he wants the world to know that things weren’t always easy for him, and he’s had to overcome his fair share of challenges over the years. 

Having spent time in jail at the young age of 17, Mark knew that jail wasn’t for him, and it wasn’t the kind of place he wanted to go back to when he got released. While most would assume that a mark like that would work against them, he used his past as motivation to get further in life, and now he’s providing guidance and support to help others take their dreams to the next level.

From Jail to Successful Business Owner

For those wondering how he managed to go from spending time in jail to becoming a successful business owner, Mark Minard would say it’s all about the mindset. “I had to get in the right mindset while moving forward from my past. I could sit at home and dwell on the mistakes I made, or I could get up and do better while setting realistic, attainable goals for myself, so I decided to do the latter,” shares Mark Minard. “I brainstormed some ideas and thought long and hard about what I wanted to do in life before coming up with the idea for Dreamshine with my sister, Amy. It was uphill from there. We’ve put thought into each program we offer and are determined to help people with special needs live their absolute best lives because they deserve it.”

Because of his relentless effort to provide a safe, welcoming space for the intellectually and physically disabled, Dreamshine has managed to thrive and expand over the years, ultimately broadening its reach to more people. 

Sharing Valuable Knowledge with the Rest of the World

Although Dreamshine is his first business and a top priority, Mark Minard has also branched out, becoming a best-selling author for those looking to start businesses and a podcast host for Elevating Beyond, which strives to provide people with advice on succeeding in business. “I’m still the CEO of Dreamshine, but I also look forward to helping people with my raw, real-world advice based on personal experience. I want people to know that the risk is worth the reward and that challenging themselves now can lead to better opportunities for them in the future,” said Minard. “If I can help at least one person become a better leader and succeed as an entrepreneur, I know that I’ve done my job well.”

For those interested in the valuable advice offered by the experienced and accomplished Mark Minard, be sure to check out his Elevating Beyond podcast and latest book, 16 Reasons Why Your Business Sucks.

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