June 22, 2024
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Dynesty Entertainment: A Label That Artists Can Call Home

Dynesty Entertainment is a thriving label in the music industry. It has been exploring the cornerstones of a growing company that seeks more than just representation. The company wants to reach out to fragmented and disparate beings and passionate artists to reach more remarkable feats in the music scene.

Founded in the city of Buffalo, New York, Dynesty Entertainment has been serving the world with songs that are full of zeal and vigor for eight consecutive years. It was started by a native, Andre Yarbrough, who is a music artist himself. He is called Damu by those close to him and is better known as Mu Diamonds in the world of hip-hop. He is a man of influence and determination, and he is a survivor.

With steadfastness to continue spreading a message of hope and the story of his life, the owner of Dynesty Entertainment, Mu Diamonds, pursued writing, singing, and producing his songs after a trial of faith. As a survivor of two shots from a drive-by shooting ten years ago, he is armed with enlightenment and a reverence for the power of songs. Although paralyzed from the waist down, the New Yorker artist is carving out a unique path in the lives of many, significantly in rap music. Known for his true-to-life songs, the singer discusses what he learned about music and life while he was forced to put his career on hold over the past year through singles and releases.

For several months, the hospital and the prison were familiar places for Mu Diamonds. The only escape he had was through venting with the use of pen, pad, and books. Now, he is pursuing his music career for good in hopes of becoming the first paraplegic superstar. 

Although challenging, it was specifically in those most challenging times that Mu Diamonds had a sense of calling to cherish every moment of his life and make necessary changes for the better. Since then, he was determined to push through with Dynesty Entertainment’s success.

Artists, musical enthusiasts, and musicians searching for a place that will accept them as who they are and not define them by their pasts will find that place in Dynesty Entertainment. It is more than a label or a group of artists finding ways to create music; it is a family-oriented group. Dynesty is looking for all types of talents without restrictions, and it is also a home where everyone is welcome—old, new, fresh, and alive.

On July 1, he is releasing his long-awaited mixtape SD2RELOADED: Still Dunkin 2, which is the sequel to his first project seven years ago. In Still Dunkin 2, he projects his respects to the late great slain artist Mario Hamilton a.k.a. Slim Dunkin. The project will be hosted by superstar DJ Trapaholics, the originator of the phrase “Damn, son, where’d you find this one?” It will be released only on LiveMixtapes With twenty hot records and just a few feats, this has classic writing all over it.

In these trying times, every member of Dynesty Entertainment knows the importance of being in a label where artists can be comfortable and are supported by a robust support system. It is known for its empathic, heart-throbbing, and catchy releases where every word is written with meaning and purpose.Learn and explore more about Dynest Entertainment by visiting their Soundcloud.

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