June 16, 2024
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E.Z. Smith IV Helping Businesses Thrive Amid Challenging Seasons

Business can be a brutal affair for many people. Contrary to popular opinion, being an entrepreneur isn’t always about glamour, freedom, and overflowing cash. Times can get harsh, and maintaining a profitable business can feel like an unattainable dream. But with the help of business coaches like E.Z. Smith IV, businesses are finding innovative ways to overcome the hurdles of lousy business seasons. 

E.Z. Smith IV is a business coach and entrepreneur who created the EZ4 Coaching System, a way for business owners to reach their goals without the hefty marketing budgets and complicated marketing strategies. The program helps entrepreneurs succeed through a proven and efficient accountability system and customized coaching programs to help even the busiest business owners get through the day-to-day challenges without feeling defeated or overwhelmed. 

Before starting the EZ4 Coaching Program, E.Z. Smith IV was a fitness coach who found success in online coaching. To date, he has served over 1,500 individuals and helped them commit to a fitness regimen that has brought stellar results. Astoundingly, E.Z. would stumble upon a realization that would change his life and the lives of hundreds of other business people too. Not only was he a great fitness coach, he was also a highly talented entrepreneur. His greatest genius was finding a way to generate leads without spending thousands of dollars on lead generation strategies and depending on a simple and easy-to-implement system of getting interested clients and booking a large chunk of them within a few days.

Through the past two years, EZ4 Coaching has helped over four hundred business owners in industries like sales, fitness, insurance, and personal branding achieve massive profitability using a proven system that puts zero dollars into client acquisition and customer relationship management. Through E.Z.’s system, companies experience exponential sales growth and take more profits home as the business coach likes teaching strategies that cost almost nothing to run. 

E.Z. Smith IV has over ten years of experience as a business owner. He’s been through the fire and has overcome the most daunting business challenges. More importantly, he has systematized his processes so that he’s able to duplicate his strategies and teach them to others. “I have seen so many shifts in advertising, marketing, and client acquisition tactics,” adds E.Z. “The one thing that has always worked for me in creating a seven-figure business is organic client acquisition and using social proofing and high ticket sales to maintain massive profitability.” E.Z. loves passing all these and more onto people who become a part of the EZ4 Coaching Program. 

Before embarking on his journey to be a successful fitness coach and business mentor, E.Z. had a thriving division one football career. He would exit that route after realizing that he didn’t want to work for anyone else except himself, no matter how difficult. That would lead him to open a brick-and-mortar fitness facility. Within three years, he had a highly profitable business that did coaching, mixed martial arts training, strength and conditioning, and kickboxing. Today, E.Z. Smith hopes to help other fitness coaches and other professionals and entrepreneurs from different industries experience the same results by baring all he knows through his coaching program. To learn more about the EZ4 Coaching Program, check out its website and Instagram account.

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