May 30, 2024
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Earnest Lewis Uplifts the Downtrodden through His Books

While the pandemic ravages the world and every aspect of life is put on hold, Earnest Lewis is an individual who did not stop working. The lockdown period was when he got in touch with his creative side and kept churning out books for his financial benefit and uplift anyone who is downtrodden. Regarded as the modern-day Dr. Seuss, Earnest wanted to give a safe space to explore topics such as bullying, race, hope, prosperity, and many other things without the judgment and stigmas that come with it, and that is accomplished through his books.

Earnest Lewis is a twenty-one-year-old college student, author, and children’s book novelist who has devoted most of his time writing and making books for children’s reading pleasure. Despite being a student at Atlanta College, Lewis already has fourteen books and two audiobooks published in his name and aims to inspire as many people as possible. Earnest has begun to build a name known as the Imagination Activist primarily due to his ambitious and magic-filled imagination. Earnest is said to be an upcoming prodigy in his craft of making children’s books.

For Lewis, writing and creativity began from a very young age, and he admits that his life experiences motivated him to take up writing, first as a hobby, then professionally. Growing up, life was not always a fairytale. There were no happy endings for what seemed like most of his childhood. At an early age, Earnest Lewis was diagnosed with severe asthma and tracheobronchomalacia, or (TBM), a rare condition that occurs when the walls of the airway are narrow or weak, making it hard to breathe daily.

As a result of his condition, Earnest has spent most of his life in the hospital and bedridden. He did not get to play outside. He never got to be a normal child for most of his childhood.

“I admit, looking back at it, I was not emotionally happy. I got to see my friends and family live their normal lives. I never understood as a child. Why me? Why was I the one who had to go through this?” he said.

However, even through these dark times, he persevered and never gave up hope as it was the only thing he had to hold on to. In addition to hope and support, Earnest also had one potent tool with him that helped carry him through these hardships in his childhood, and that was his imagination.

The result of Earnest’s years of imagination and putting in the work as a writer has seen him churn out books that have been referred to as timeless. Some of his books and audiobooks include The Boy Who Brought His Mind To Life, Celebrating the Voice of Others, The Journey of the Little Brown Boy, and Discovering Ourselves Through the Smartest of Ways, among several others. Some of the topics covered in his books are self-love, imagination, love for others, hope, determination, envisioning, and prosperity. His books are available at over thirty stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Target, and Walmart.

Although primarily an author of children’s books, his books are not age-centric or restricted to a particular demographic. According to him, the general public, fellow writers, parents, and celebrities can also read his book and be inspired by its content. “Whether old or new, everything is relevant,” he said.

Five years from now, Earnest sees himself working with many famous writers and celebrities to help bring hope and imagination to others and the world. Earnest also sees himself as a household name when it comes to children’s literature and fiction. Entering the Georgia Writers’ Hall of Fame and winning many awards in recognition for his contributions as a writer is also part of his five-year goal.

Learn more about Lewis via his website.

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