June 12, 2024
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EDSOMA Building Future Leaders by Restoring the Reading Culture in Children and Adults

The pandemic has given room for many things to fester, one of which is the inefficiency that might arise from self-education. The idea that all leaders are readers seems to be going obsolete, resulting in a new generation of young people that barely read. Realizing the problem at hand, Kyle Wallgren set out to create a solution to it and called it Edsoma.

Edsoma is a reading application designed to imbibe the culture of reading in children while helping them learn word pronunciation correctly and effectively bond with their parents or guardians. Kyle Wallgren’s biggest inspiration for creating Edsoma came from his personal desire to connect with his children and read with them regardless of the distance between them. As a divorced parent, he knew he had to stay involved and decided to use the opportunity to read with his children. 

In his words, “I wanted to continue reading with my children even when I’m not with them. So, I created this app for not just myself but other parents in a similar situation,” he revealed. “Not just divorced parents can benefit from this app, other parents who have to travel for work and veterans get to spend time with their children.”

Edsoma has many impressive features, the most notable of them being the correction feature which teaches the reader how to pronounce words correctly during a read-aloud. The app is poised to become every family’s favorite application as it allows parents to read with their children from any location in the world. The app also automatically keeps track of reading activities so that parents, teachers and schools can monitor the books the children read and the progress they have made.

To lend more credence to the app’s viability and acceptance, many attendees of the SXSW Convention in Austin, Texas, showed profound interest in the Edsoma and were enthusiastic about having it on their devices. Wallgren expressed confidence in more people signing up to download the app because they need to get their children’s reading habits back up. “I especially love the increased confidence we see in children using the app combined with the boosted passion for learning and actually learning how to read words correctly,” he said.

Edsoma will officially launch this spring, with pre-subscription registration currently ongoing on its websites. Many teachers and parents who have seen what the app does have given rave reviews, and the Edsoma team is prepared to collaborate with as many schools and tutoring companies as possible.

Kyle Wallgren’s goal for Edsoma is to break into the mainstream educational system. As the world continues to move towards full digital acceptance, He believes Edsoma is in a good position to become widely accepted by parents and tutors for their children. Also, the long-term goal for the app is to continue to help children develop their reading skills while strengthening the bond between them and their parents, teachers and guardians.

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