May 25, 2024
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Embracing Strength and Health: The Journey of Anthony Finochio, RN

Embracing Strength and Health: The Journey of Anthony Finochio, RN
Photo Credit: Anthony Finochio

By: Ava Montgomery

For Anthony Finochio, the journey to becoming a registered nurse and co-owner of Asclepius Movement LLC was not one taken lightly. With a mission to transform society’s perspective on health and wellness, Anthony Finochio combined his love for fitness and knowledge in healthcare to create an impactful change. His mantra throughout this journey? “If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.”

For almost six years now, Anthony has dedicated his life to healing and helping others as a registered nurse. His journey in healthcare has taken him all over Pennsylvania, working in multiple hospital systems and interacting with diverse patient populations. Through this extensive experience, Anthony got a first-hand look at the medical system at its most pressured state – during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Witnessing countless examples of the medical system failing people ignited a deeper passion within Anthony. He saw how chronic illness seemed to seep more pervasively through the nation, reflecting the need for a drastic change. But from the ashes of despair, Anthony’s mantra emerged stronger than ever. He knew that the challenges that didn’t erode him would make him bolder – and it did. They made him, Anthony Finochio, the healthcare warrior determined to empower people with tools to become healthy.

Before stepping into the healthcare field, Anthony was already adept in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His passion for fitness led him to work as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. He fine-tuned his skill for developing meal plans and workout plans and ventured into life coaching. As he learned, he also listened – he curated health plans that resonate with his clients’ personalities as much as their health requirements were.

When he decided to venture independently, his business, FinochioFitness, was born. This space allowed him to marry his multiple passions – fitness, health, and helping people. Through FinochioFitness, he could extend his hand to a larger audience, reigniting people’s passion for fitness and empowering them to become the best versions of themselves.

But Anthony didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to expand his message and his reach. And thus sprouted the conception of Asclepius Movement LLC, which he proudly co-owns. The brand serves as a beacon of hope for those desperate to escape the clutches of chronic diseases. By utilizing his conventional knowledge and experience alongside new research and personal trials, Anthony and his brand are revolutionizing primary prevention.

The Asclepius Movement LLC’s emphasis on early prevention is an inspired change in a world where tertiary prevention tends to rule the day. His brand jumps at the root of the problem rather than trimming its branches – it promotes the pursuit of health as a lifestyle rather than viewing it as a response to disease. As Anthony Finochio profoundly puts it, “Health is Wealth.”

Sometimes, the narrative a brand forms can extend across its social platforms, and Asclepius Movement LLC is such an example. Instagram, under @anthonyfinochio and @asclepiusmvt, is continuously updated with health-related content that inspires thousands.

On his website, asclepiusmovement.com, Anthony further expands on his ethos, offering his unique perspectives and insights on health, fitness, and well-being. The site serves as a platform to communicate his message widely and consistently, always reminding visitors that every day could be the beginning of a healthier life.

With everything he has achieved so far, Anthony Finochio continues to be an inspiration to those seeking a path towards healthier living. His resilience in the wake of a global health pandemic, combined with his expertise and commitment to helping others, is nothing short of admirable. His journey serves as a reminder that strength is not just physical, but also mental and spiritual—and he is committed to fostering that strength in others.

As he looks forward, Anthony Finochio remains focused on his mission, carrying the same dedication and passion that laid the foundation of his journey. His profession as a front-line healthcare worker and fitness entrepreneur serves as a testament to his dedication. Even as the world changes around him, he maintains an unwavering commitment to health: to empower people and inspire them to take control of their health before it’s too late. With the conviction that health is indeed a form of wealth, he continues to spread the ethos, nurturing a healthier and resilient society.

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