June 13, 2024
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Emerging Band, Poems, Shows a Lot of Promise

Music artists know fully well that finding success in today’s music industry necessitates a different kind of determination, hard work, and resilience. Widely known as a highly competitive kind of business, aspiring music artists should prepare themselves for the best and the worst possible scenarios. Despite their talents, many have given up, but some are bent on pushing themselves to the limits until the relentless pursuit of their dreams transforms into an inspiring success story. The emerging band, Poems, is one of the multiple groups today that are determined to make it in the music business, and since the release of its debut single, they have shown nothing but great promise. 

The band marked the launching of Poems when its debut single, “Desdemona,” was released to the public in 2021. The song romanticizes the most challenging parts of a genuine love story while eluding the Shakespearean tragedy “Othello.” Music fans received their single quite well, much to their delight. The release of “Desdemona” started to open all sorts of doors for the band. They started to get invitations to play in key locations around Seattle. But just like any band that intends to succeed, Poems need to be closer to where all the action is. So the band decided to relocate to San Diego in California. 

Poems started as a weekend hobby for friends Philip Ernest, vocals and guitar, and Cody Dodd, bassist. They would showcase their melancholic melodies and chord progressions, leaving their audience in awe and wanting more. Fortunately for the two, sound engineer Zae Howell heard them play one time in 2019. Zae went all the way down to the basement to see who was playing. At that time, he heard the duo’s “Desedemona” for the first time, which was still a little rough on the edges. After their first meeting, the rest was history and Zae was instantly on board. After some time, the band found another member in the person of Grayson Hagopian, who plays the drum. 

Convinced that destiny brought them together for a reason, the band started to work on new songs and pursued gigs passionately. Finally, early in 2022, the band released its second single titled “She Set the Sun.” This time around, the song highlighted a nostalgic story of when a person lets go of a loved one while holding on at the same time. 

At present, the band is back in the studio, working hard to expand their craft by experimenting with sonic elements and melodies that are expected to awaken the senses. The band members are confident that they need to maintain their creative freedom to come up with the best songs in the near future. 

Poems is an all-around band that draws inspiration from the many projects that they support. Whether it is a simple gig or an elaborate music festival that they get invited into, they make it a point for people to have fun and create lasting memories. Their commitment to elevating the experiences of their listeners is something worth emulating and admiring. 

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