June 13, 2024
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Emerging Star Tra-V the Shoota Talks About Chasing Dreams and the Release of His Latest Song

More than just the highlights brought about by their success, luminaries in different fields are also built up by the struggles and difficulties they had to encounter in their respective journeys. As a matter of fact, these challenges were able to teach them valuable lessons that molded them into the reputable individuals they are recognized for today. Such is the case with Travius Holloway, also known as Tra-V the Shoota, an up-and-coming artist who never let the obstacles and trials he faced get in the way of accomplishing his dreams and fulfilling his aspirations. Through his distinctive artistry, he inspires aspirants to do the same. 

Heavily determined to translate his visions into reality, Tra-V has been carving his own path toward the forefront of the music scene. With his songs and tracks revolving around the struggles inherent in the lives of people, the artist amplifies how their backgrounds should not be a deterrent in the pursuit of their dreams. At the heart of his purpose-driven efforts lies the belief that anyone is capable of making things happen as long as they choose to keep moving forward despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges they experience along the way. 

In an interview, Tra-V talked about the personalities and icons that influenced his music style and artistry. According to him, the sources of inspiration that fueled him to come up with his works include 50 Cent, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Oliver Tree, Marvin Gaye, and many more. He also went on to discuss the meaningful story behind his latest song, “Heart for Granted,” and revealed the message he wishes to convey to his listeners. 

“The story behind my most recent release is giving your love to someone special who took you for granted,” the artist shared during the interview. “It is all about staying positive no matter what. I want my listeners to know that it is going to be okay and that they can get through whatever they are dealing with,” he further explained. 

In the next six months, Tra-V hopes to reach thousands of new listeners and grow more as an artist by learning to play new instruments and doing more shows with his live band. “My goal is to get to rock out with a big production. I wanna grow a huge fan base and travel around the world to touch and meet the people that listen to my music,” he said. Aside from dominating the music landscape, the artist also wants to expand his horizons by dipping his toes in the business realm. 

Since he entered the music scene, Tra-V has been gaining traction because of how his songs are able to make people feel empowered, inspired, and motivated. He is set to establish himself as an innovator with plans to transform the rap scene through his artistry and rap style. 

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, Tra-V the Shoota serves as a role model and positive influence as he continues to share valuable life lessons and share them with others through words and melodies. 

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