July 24, 2024
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Eric Martel and MartelTurnkey Showing the Upsides of Getting Early into the Real Estate Investing

Getting into the investment scene at a young age will never go out of style. Eric Martel is living out the rewards of his early investments after getting into the real estate industry at the age of 18. He explored other forms of investments, but nothing gave him the returns like the real estate did. At one point, he pivoted into the tech industry, but the Dotcom crash of 2001 sent him right back to real estate after a few ventures in high tech and food industries. Finding his stroke of luck in real estate, he and his sons established MartelTurnkey, a real estate firm that resells 120 turnkey rental properties a year to investors looking to build a passive income portfolio.

However, with many people failing to take action early enough, Eric Martel is holding out lifelines to avoid people missing out on this opportunity. Financial freedom transcends having savings; it also entails having more than adequate passive income sources to keep one afloat even in retirement. Eric Martel loved the idea of retiring at a young age, and he started building a financial plan to help him achieve that goal and never have to worry about his finances when he no longer actively works. With his experience in real estate, he decided to build MartelTurnkey, a firm that is dedicated to helping people get into real estate while learning everything they need to know about the industry.

The MartelTurnkey brand is geared towards helping new investors reap the dividends of real estate investment by ushering each new investor through the steps of rental property ownership and making the necessary connections with property managers and lenders. With his experience, Eric is dedicated to teaching every real estate enthusiast or investor how to avoid the pitfalls he dealt with as a young investor. He put together a Financial Freedom Fast Track program that serves as an accelerated learning initiative that teaches the basics of financial freedom alongside personalized strategies, resources, and tools to help individual investors. In addition, he has published a book Stop Trading Your Time for Money and hosts a podcast called Break Away from the Rat Race and a YouTube web series of the same name. His TikTok page also shares videos on financial freedom and real estate tips.

Eric Martel offers a rich suite that contains his proprietary Market Statistics Database, off-market deals, ARV data, Rental Property Analyzer, loans, insurance, contractors, and property managers. His firm, MartelTurnkey has found the hack for single-family rental properties and gives investors guarantee of immediate cash flow from any property they choose to invest in.

As he continues to do his part to empower a new generation of financially stable individuals, Eric Martel hopes to convince them to start early. Learn more about Eric Martel on his website. Also, follow him on social media via Instagram and Facebook for updates on his latest projects.

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