July 21, 2024
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Evan Sternbach’s Debut Singles Offer a Fresh Take on Pop Music

Evan Sternbach
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Evan Sternbach‘s debut singles have caused a stir in the pop music scene, offering a fresh and authentic take on the genre. His three tracks, “Halfway,” “Lesser Degree,” and “I Figured It Out,” showcase Sternbach’s talent for catchy and meaningful songwriting, reflecting his own experiences and emotions. At just 21 years old, Sternbach aspires to craft music that echoes in the hearts of listeners and endures through time. Music that will accompany their life’s milestones and journeys, forever ingrained in their cherished memories.

Sternbach‘s love affair with music began when he received a guitar on Christmas Day in 2016. Despite starting on the instrument at the age of five, it wasn’t until a decade-long detour as a baseball player reignited his love for music that he fully dove into the art of songwriting.

His journey to becoming a pop singer-songwriter was a therapeutic one, as he explored his emotions and experiences through music. He delved into the musical masterpieces of legends like J. Cole, Ed Sheeran, and Rick Rubin and honed his abilities with karaoke renditions in the solitude of his car. Constantly perfecting his craft, he was determined to become a true artist in his own right.

By the time he reached junior year in college, Evan had fully dedicated himself to perfecting his songwriting and pursuing a career in the music industry. The fruit of his tireless effort and determination shines through in his debut trilogy of singles, each showcasing his unique musical style and storytelling prowess. Sternbach’s music is a personal journey brought to life, a reflection of his experiences that strikes a chord of relatability and authenticity.

Evan Sternbach’s debut singles offer a much-needed change in the pop music landscape, bringing authenticity and originality to the table. His music is a testament to his passion and dedication, and his talent for crafting catchy and meaningful songs is undeniable. The future is bright for this rising artist, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

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