June 24, 2024
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Fadi Amso on His Journey Towards Becoming a Successful Teenage Entrepreneur

Entering the world of business is already a challenging decision, but building one’s name, especially at a very young age, is not an easy feat. Despite the inevitable challenges that await, risks that had to be taken into consideration, and possible losses that one must anticipate, Fadi Amso worked his way to the top and built his own reputation as a successful teenage entrepreneur. 

Living in San Diego, California, Fadi Amso is a 19-year-old successful self-made entrepreneur. He started his journey back when he was only 15 years old. At a young age, Fadi Amso was already committed to making it big. Not knowing what he was doing, working hard until the late hours of the night, and juggling academics with his pursuit of passion, he strived hard to build up his social media network with the right people.

From starting Sweet Grips, an e-commerce business that generated tons of sales, to exploring Amazon FBA, the 15-year old Fadi Amso was ready to do everything to get to his goals. He had big dreams to accomplish, and he knew that starting early to achieve them will pave the way for him to achieve his goals.

One year later, Fadi Amso decided to purchase a camera for fun. Not knowing how this purchase will boost her journey towards success, he started taking photos and posted them on Instagram, which eventually became his portfolio. People loved his portfolio. With good feedback, he created a business creating high-quality work for brands all over San Diego. He was not only a business owner, but he became an established filmmaker.

Despite the income potential that the camera and filmmaking brought to his life, being a filmmaker continued to be his hobby. He can go for hours taking photos and videos without noticing that time is flying by. Enjoying working as a filmmaker and having it as a source of happiness and fun, Fadi Amso succeeded in finding both love and a career.

Fadi Amso puts value in his works and relationships. As he created high-quality outputs, he formed good relationships with his clients who now became more than just regular clients. This paved the way for his network to expand and eventually allow him to move further towards his goals. His commitment towards his craft reflects on his works, and the value of his works reflects how he values his relationship with his clients.

Passion and striving for growth brought Fadi Amso to his success. Despite already being an established entrepreneur in the field of e-commerce and filmmaking, he continues to work hard in earning more. May services availed be an awaited appointment or a last-minute transaction, Fadi Amso goes out of his way to provide the best service and outputs he can deliver for his clients.

In today’s day and age, many individuals reach adulthood without being able to identify their desired path. While struggles awaited along the way, Fadi Amso was determined and ready to pursue his dreams at a very young age.

You may visit his Instagram for more information.

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