May 30, 2024
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Fashion Maven Nina Naustdal Steps into the Music and NFT Worlds with a Bang

Nina Naustdal
Photo Credited to: Szabina Biro

Nina Naustdal is now making waves in the music and NFT space. With a passion for creativity that knows no bounds, Nina has embarked on a new journey that is sure to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Nina’s love for music has been a lifelong affair, dating back to her youth. She has always dreamt of channeling her creative energies into the art form that moves her the most – music. A few years ago, she took the plunge and entered the music industry, co-writing her first song. Later that year, she released the song, accompanied by her first music video.

“Music has always been something I loved and something that has always inspired me,” says Nina Naustdal.

Since her debut, Nina has not looked back. She collaborated with renowned producer Jungleboi and produced two more songs, ready for release in the near future. She has also graced the stage with her live performances in the UK, and she’s about to make a remarkable foray into the world of NFTs, combining her love for music and fashion in an exciting new way.

But what’s the creative process behind Nina’s music-making endeavors? How does she find inspiration and bring her ideas to life? Nina explains, “The creative process behind my music-making endeavors starts with being inspired to create. I go into the studio, start writing lyrics, create the melody and beats for the song, and record and produce it all together. Inspiration can come from anything or anyone; it depends on what impact something has on me, good or bad, and how someone or something makes me feel. Then, I express that feeling and impact into music.”

Nina Naustdal
Photo Credit: Szabina Biro

Nina’s music and fashion are intrinsically linked, as she beautifully articulates, “Music has the power to change how I feel, and how I feel influences my fashion choices. What I design or wear represents me, my thoughts, and my feelings. Fashion is an expression without using words.”

As she ventures deeper into the world of music, Nina has exciting new songs on the horizon, touching on themes of success, power, happiness, and living one’s best life. “The message I hope to convey through my music is happiness and the power to inspire,” she shares.

Nina is set to wow fans on stage soon as she aims to showcase her talents at live performances, saying, “I love being on stage, showing what I have created with my team, and getting the reaction from people.”

In a bold and innovative move, Nina is also set to release her very own NFT. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been making headlines for their potential to reshape the way we view and own digital art, fashion, and music. Nina explains, “I see my NFT release merging art, fashion, music, and technology because we have all of the parties involved in the NFT. The art is the creative vision we made of Medusa. The music on the NFT is written and produced for the project and offers an exclusive music experience. With the fashion, you get an exclusive fashion experience with the NFT, and the technology of an NFT and the crypto market add the technology to it and tie it all together.”

Nina’s experiences in the creative world have shaped her mindset and approach to her current ventures in the music industry and NFT space. She believes that the NFT, as a non-tangible token used in blockchain technology to signify ownership digitally, was a natural step into the crypto and blockchain market with something to offer from the creative world.

Nina Naustdal’s influence reaches far beyond the realms of music and fashion. Her recognition as an influencer has brought unique opportunities for collaborations with companies that resonate with her mission and values. She highlights a collaboration with a headphone company called Mymanu, which aligns with her sports company, DonDunk. Together, they create customized designs for the headphones, uniting art, fashion, music, and technology. This collaboration perfectly embodies Nina’s mission to contribute to the industries of music, art, fashion, and technology, tying it all together and making it possible to share a love for creativity.

In the journey from fashion to music to the NFT space, Nina Naustdal continues to break new ground and redefine the boundaries of creative expression. With her upcoming music releases and NFT project, she is set to make an indelible mark on the worlds of music, fashion, and technology. Her passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to her mission are sure to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Keep an eye on Nina Naustdal as she takes these exciting steps into the future.


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