June 25, 2024
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Filip Boksa, the Founder of BookingKoala Shares Secrets to Running a Successful Business

The first thing that comes to an individual’s mind when he thinks of starting a business is making investments and generating new capital. However, not all startups need that big of an investment, but only passion, obsession, confidence, and risk-taking. All that goes into establishing a successful business is quality human resources, team work, planned strategies, and a set vision to propel the business in the right direction. It is no secret that the lives of successful entrepreneurs are not as easy as it seems, but they have gone through immense sacrifices and hard work to reach where they are today. Learning from the life stories of entrepreneurs can be a blessing for those who aspire to walk a similar path.

One such Polish entrepreneur is Filip Boksa, the founder of BookingKoala, who aims to make his bootstrapped initiative a unicorn with no outside investment. His story is inspiring for those who don’t even start their business owing to a lack of investment and sufficient capital. Filip teaches us not to rely on external investors but to start our own self-funded initiative and do everything in the beginning by yourself. Filip started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19 with the King of Maids, which he started with his friend with a combined investment of $6000. His first business gave him huge returns of $5,000,000 in just three years’ time. How did Filip make this possible?

Filip shares that time management, teamwork, and thinking outside the box do the magic. He says that in the beginning, one has to perform all the menial tasks, which in itself is a learning process. Filip adds that once an entrepreneur gains experience in the nitty-gritty of the business, this is when such tasks are later delegated. “It just goes to show you that if you keep on working hard, doors will open themselves up for you.” I never thought of building something like BookingKoala, but when the opportunity opened up, I went for it, “mentions Boksa. He suggests just going for it, even with limited resources, and then playing it by ear.

Filip also talks about the importance of social media in today’s world, which can prove as a useful tool in increasing engagement rates and converting customers. Throughout his journey, Filip has never been scared of putting in hard work since he believes that effort is necessary to attain freedom. For those starting a business in partnership, Filip advises that it is important to share a comfortable equation with your partner and see if their goals align with yours. There are many takeaways that one could have from Filip’s entrepreneurial journey. It teaches us to have faith and trust in our plans in order to reach new heights in our business.

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