May 29, 2024
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Film Producer Taylor Re Lynn on the Importance of Women Supporting Women to Further Diversity and Inclusion

Cultured Focus Magazine Awards 2022 and Diversity in Film Symposium, Venice, Italy| Image: Getty


Taylor Re Lynn on the Woman’s Role in Supporting Diversity and Inclusion 

Women have played a significant role in women’s history. And through the many centuries, this iconic symbol of womanhood has not always been powerful in and of itself. In ancient times before the Holy Bible was translated, women were not seen as active participants in the biblical narrative! The importance of women’s role is indisputable, despite these facts.

Taylor Re Lynn is an actress and film producer from New York who has made her mark on the entertainment world. She has firmly established herself as an acclaimed film producer in the industry. She has been a producer on numerous prestigious films, including the Golden Globe-nominated “The Fencer” and “Love Gilda,” which premiered on the opening night of the Tribeca Film Festival and CNN. 

Cultured Focus Magazine Awards 2022 and Diversity in Film Symposium, Hotel Danieli Venice, Italy| Image: Getty

Importance of Women Helping Women

While all forms of support are necessary, it is especially crucial for women to speak up for one another because of the unique knowledge woman have in common.

“There is almost nothing we as women can’t accomplish when we support one another. As women, we strive to make the lives of those around us better by caring for them,” said Lynn. 

The producer has dedicated herself to helping women in the film industry gain greater recognition and opportunity in a sector that is still overwhelmingly male-dominated. 

Over the years, she has supported numerous female-led driven films such as “Love Gilda,” “Little Wings,” “Almost Strangers,” “Eight,” and her current project “Il Moro.”

The “Il Moro” film is directed by Daphne Di Cinto, which has won multiple awards that include, most recently, Best Short Film at Afrobrix, Best Italian Short Film at the Fabrique du Cinema Awards, and co-winner of the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival for Best Short Narrative – Oscar Qualifying.

Importance of Women Raising Diverse Voices

Empowering women and raising diverse voices is a top priority, and she believes in leading by example. She believes some of the ways that women can use their voice that are supportive yet advocate for inclusion which include:

Influencing Change

Lynn is a media executive known for her creative platform. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Cultured Focus Magazine. Fueled by the desire to create positive cultural change, for women and those that feel that they don’t have a voice, the magazine was created to provide such an outlet to such individuals. 

Cultured Focus Magazine is renowned for showcasing artists and female change-makers across different fields and educating readers on topics that inspire progress in equality and inclusivity. In a time when hate and division are on the rise globally against different groups, Lynn believes that it is essential to take a stand against all forms of bigotry. The magazine services as a platform that welcomes diversity, inclusion and a celebration of cultures.

Be Confident in the Value of What You Have to Say.

Traditional leadership training programs don’t account for the significant challenge many women face — a pervasive, unconscious sensation that what you have to say isn’t valuable. Women won’t trust their voice if family and culture tell them it’s unfeminine to be forceful, speak up, have strong opinions, or take up space. To be heard and influential, sing out your song with passion, love, and self-trust. Women leaders are sometimes at a disadvantage because we’re socialized to be less vocal, said Lynn.

Refuse to Be Silenced

“We can’t be silent anymore. Before, women might say, “Yeah, I’ll keep quiet because I might lose out on a job opportunity or promotion,” but now we have much more to lose. What’s at stake? Sometimes being quiet costs more than speaking up.

Don’t Worry About Being Liked

“Anything can happen if women realize they can be free, have a voice, do what they want, and fight for it. Part of it is overcoming our own limitations and concern that people won’t like us if we push forward… Don’t be hesitant to say what you know to be true. Standing out for what you believe is hard.”

Speak Your Truth 

Lynn indicated that she is always blown away by how revolutionary just telling the truth can be. Saying and seeking the truth, and sticking to that road, are the single most supportive and activist thing you can do.


Women helping women is not only important, but it’s imperative. Women have always been the backbone of society, and we must continue to support each other if we want to see real change. Too often, women’s voices are silenced or ignored, and it’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen. We must continue to lift each other up and fight for the rights of all women, because only then will we be able to achieve true diversity and inclusion.


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