May 26, 2024
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From Addiction to Transformation: The Power of HG Lifestyle

From Addiction to Transformation
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Stress, trauma, and easy access to substances have led people globally to a greater risk of developing an addiction. This is a silent pandemic, affecting the lives of millions and their families worldwide. Only a small percentage among them has dared to battle the condition and emerge as winners. One such inspiring personality is Jon Briseno, who not only transformed his life but is also helping millions defeat addiction and embrace life again. Currently an accomplished entrepreneur, Jon Briseno owns and manages HG Lifestyle, a company that earns millions in revenue every year while helping people return to their normal lives. 

It all started when Jon decided to positively pivot his life after deciding that enough was enough. During his 20s, Jon was severely addicted to pills that not only affected his life but his health. Today, the 36-year-old life coach and entrepreneur is healthy because of his love for fitness. 5 years ago, Jon started focusing on fitness and soon witnessed positive changes in his body. This gradually motivated him to connect health benefits and fitness to eventually create a successful career. 

From cardio and weight training, Jon moved to work on his mindset. He realized that building healthy habits was necessary to develop a healthy life. This is where he built a mindset to be consistent with his healthy lifestyle and soon transformed his perspective on life. This mindset eventually helped him launch, HG Lifestyle, a multi-million company that owns two scaling business ventures. HG Fitness, a brand under HG Lifestyle, is helping people achieve physical fitness and a positive mindset. HG Academy, another brand under HG Lifestyle, is guiding business owners in building a growing e-commerce venture in the FBA space. The company’s catchphrase, “Hey, bro, are you HG living?” perfectly justifies its goal. 

Being a self-made entrepreneur who never got anything easily in life, Jon believes he can be a supportive life coach to anyone fighting addiction and wants to change their life. Jon walked the same path and struggled the same way to reach where he is now. However, his journey was challenging. Jon made mistakes, hired the wrong people, and was on the verge of losing his business when he turned around and rebuilt it in just 90 days. From financial struggles, Jon doubled his profits in a few months. He is now making an effort to share his knowledge and experiences with people to help them follow in his footsteps. 

Jon’s principles in life consist of the 5Fs: Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Freedom. Believing in yourself is crucial to achieving your dreams, which is where you need faith. Family, according to Jon, is not just people connected by blood but everyone who shares his vision and supports his goal. Jon considers his employees as family. He also believes that no amount of money can buy health, it only comes with a fitness regime. Finance is essential to living comfortably, and from this comes the freedom to be your own boss. 

Going forward, Jon wants to see HG Lifestyle transforming more lives worldwide, helping people overcome addiction and also employing them to give them a source of living. He also envisions being the best life and business coach, guiding people to develop a positive mindset and own a successful venture in the e-commerce space.

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