May 18, 2024
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From Fast Food Joints to Basking in the Spotlight, Emerging Artist Joe Perk Tells All

A career in music is one of the most prospective endeavors that many want to pursue, but the competition can be overwhelming as new artists emerge daily. While trying to get ahead of one’s competitors can be challenging enough already, there are also many other mountains that some artists who lack the privilege others do have to overcome. Joseph Perkins, best known in the music scene as Joe Perk, is an emerging artist who has endured trials and tribulations in his life, paving the way for other aspiring artists to follow.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the streets Joe Perk grew up in played an instrumental role in helping him open his eyes to the reality of life. With a reality-based outlook, Joe learned how to navigate the waters of the world and run among the big sharks in the game. Even as a child, his goal was to get into entertaining and rapping, envisioning himself conquering the music and entertainment industries one day.

Despite his ambitions, life never turns out the way one plans, and the direction he was headed left Joe feeling discouraged. To help his family pay the bills, Joe Perk pulled himself together to work at Burger King and McDonald’s at the same time. By 2012, he would put his dreams on hold to join the military. Although he didn’t know it at the time, Joe’s decision would be a catalyst towards his dream. 

During his service in the military, Joe started to create a solid buzz with musical talent and eventually, he was rewarded with an opportunity to play the opening act for rapper, A Boogie wit da Hoodie. The gig would pave the way for his career. 

Having grown up in New York, Joe had the hustler spirit that the city is known for, diving head first into the development of his company, MEffort. The rising artist believed it was necessary to brand the message of success and opportunity while setting sail on the music and fashion industry. As an artist, Joe Perk strives to create universal music through the R&B genre. What helps him stand out is his fashion preference in his performances; while other artists dress casually, Joe prefers putting on a suit or something dapper.

Apart from running his company and clothing line, Joe Perk uses his platform to give back to the community. He recently had a turkey drive in Greenville, North Carolina, giving away a hundred turkeys in an hour and a half. Every turkey he gave away was a symbol of building and community growth. Despite his music career, nothing else mattered at the moment but to uplift and build the morale of the people. He watched as the people banded together, helping one another and offering what others lacked.

With his career taking off after a long journey, Joe Perk is hoping to elevate his platform and break out into the charts. He foresees multiple nominations, Grammys, and BET awards. Additionally, Joe hopes to sell out tours worldwide, using his success to help people in difficult situations win.

Learn more about Joe Perk by visiting his LinkTree.

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