July 16, 2024
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From Grill to Plate: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cocktail Sausages

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/burger-on-black-plate-beside-gray-stainless-steel-dining-fork-YuKwHTNVAiI
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/burger-on-black-plate-beside-gray-stainless-steel-dining-fork-YuKwHTNVAiI

Cocktail sausages are a beloved appetizer often found at parties, barbecues, and other social gatherings. Their small size makes them ideal for sharing in a crowd, and their savory, slightly spicy flavor is universally appreciated. However, merely grabbing a pack of cocktail sausages from the store doesn’t make you a master at cooking them. Achieving juicy, sizzling perfection when grilling cocktail sausages requires skill and know-how.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the process step by step, from properly preparing your grill to choosing the right sausages, to cooking techniques, serving suggestions, and more. You’ll learn insider tips that will have your cocktail sausages the talk of the party. Let’s get grilling!

The Importance of Preparing Your Grill

Before you start grilling those small cocktail sausages, it’s crucial to ensure your grill is properly prepared and ready to use. According to grilling experts, properly preparing the grill helps ensure even cooking and prevents food from sticking. 

There are a few different types of grills commonly used for cooking cocktail sausages:

  1. Charcoal grills – These classic, low-tech grills use charcoal briquettes as the heating source. Charcoal imparts a delicious smoky flavor.
  2. Gas grills – Convenient and easy to control, gas grills use propane or natural gas for fuel. They heat up quickly and cook rapidly.
  3. Electric grills – Ideal for small spaces, electric grills plug into an outlet and cook from heating coils. They offer precise temperature control.

Whichever type of grill you use, the most important prep step is cleaning the grates thoroughly before each use. Use a stiff wire brush to remove any food residue or grime, then rub the grates lightly with oil or spray with nonstick cooking spray. This prevents foods from sticking during cooking. Now, your grill is sparkling clean and evenly heated, all set for those cocktail sausages!

Choosing the Right Cocktail Sausages

Cocktail sausages are available in various flavors, spices, and meats—beef, pork, chicken, or a mixture. Which type you choose comes down to personal taste. Pork and beef pack the most flavor, while chicken offers a lighter option. 

For a bolder flavor, consider spiced versions such as Italian, chorizo, jalapeño cheddar, or andouille. Alternatively, go for a savory garlic and herb or onion and chive variety. Marinating the sausages in olive oil, vinegar, mustard, or other flavorful liquids for 30 minutes to an hour before grilling can further enhance flavor and tenderness.

Just make sure to pat the sausages dry before grilling to prevent excess marinade from causing flare-ups. Lightly coating the sausages in oil or spices is another great way to add flavor. Now, your sausages are prepared and ready to be placed on the grates!

Grilling Techniques for Perfectly Cooked Sausages  

There are some easy methods you can use to make sure your sausages turn out juicy and delicious on the grill. Look at the data below that shows the most popular grilling methods for cocktail sausages preferred by people all over the world:

1. Direct vs. indirect heat

  • With direct heat, the sausages cook right over the flames or coals. This gives a nice charred outside but you have to watch them closely so they don’t burn. To use direct heat, put the sausages directly over the hot coals or flame. Flip them often to avoid burning. 
  • With indirect heat, the coals or flames are only on one side. The sausages cook on the cooler side. This is more “hands-off” cooking. To use indirect heat, pile the coals or turn the burners to one side. Put the sausages on the other side. Rotate them periodically for cooking.

2. Temperature and Time

Experts say to grill cocktail sausages at 350-400°F for 10-15 minutes total. Flip the sausages a lot to avoid burning. Use tongs instead of a fork to turn them, so you don’t poke holes and lose juices. Move the sausages around if there are flare-ups or hot/cool spots, for even cooking.

3. Poaching

Consider poaching the sausages in simmering liquids such as beer, wine, or broth directly on the grill before completing the cooking process. Use a disposable pan with liquid over indirect heat. Add sausages and simmer for 5-10 minutes until partially cooked. Remove sausages from the liquid and finish over direct heat to get a nice char. Poaching keeps them super moist and juicy inside.

The sausages are done when nicely browned outside and at 160°F in the center. Be careful not to overcook or they’ll be dried out and rubbery. To achieve perfect doneness, use a digital thermometer. Frequent temperature checks are essential for achieving perfectly cooked sausages.

Serving Suggestions for Grilled Cocktail Sausages

Grilled cocktail sausages are a wonderful addition to various dishes. Here are some tasty ways to serve up these bite-sized treats:

1. On Party Platters

Grilled cocktail sausages are perfect for serving at parties. Skewer them onto toothpicks with veggies or fruit for easy finger food. Arrange them on a platter with dipping sauces like ketchup, mustard, or barbeque sauce. They make great additions to chips and dip stations. 

2. In Buns as Mini Hot Dogs

Slide grilled cocktail sausages into small slider buns to create mini hot dogs. Top with mustard, relish, sauerkraut, or chopped onions for a fun twist. These are great for snacking or serving at a barbecue. 

3. Added to Salads 

Chop grilled sausages into chunks and add them to leafy green or pasta salads for extra protein. The browning from the grill gives the sausages a nice flavor.

4. In Breakfast Dishes

Chop and add grilled sausage to egg scrambles, omelets, or breakfast bowls. Pair them with veggies, potatoes, or cheese for a savory morning meal.

5. In Appetizers 

Grilled sausages are delightful additions to cheese boards, bruschetta, nachos, flatbreads, and more. Skewer them for kebabs or slice them into coins for appetizer trays.

For a quick and easy meal, grill up cocktail sausages and serve them on buns with your favorite condiments and sides. Or add them to anything from tacos to pizza for extra flavor. There are numerous ways to savor these grilled mini sausages!


Cooking up tasty grilled cocktail sausages is easy when you follow some basic techniques. Preheating your grill and oiling it prevents sticking. Go low and slow when cooking over indirect heat. Flip the sausages frequently to get an even char. Poaching before grilling keeps them extra juicy. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. 

Grilled cocktail sausages can be served in lots of ways – on party platters, in mini buns, added to salads or breakfast dishes, and more. With the right methods, you’ll be a master griller of these tasty little sausages in no time. Mastering the art of grilling the perfect cocktail sausage may require some practice, but the flavorful results are well worth the effort!


  1. What is the ideal temperature for grilling cocktail sausages?

350-400°F is ideal. This allows the sausages to cook through without burning the outside.

  1. How long should I grill cocktail sausages for? 

Allow 10-15 minutes total cooking time, turning the sausages frequently. Use a meat thermometer to confirm they reach 160°F internally.

  1. What are some ideal side dishes and drinks to pair with cocktail sausages?

Classic summer fare like coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans complement cocktail sausages well. Refreshing lemonade, iced tea, sangria, and beer are great beverage choices.

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