February 20, 2024
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Galaxy Treats Focuses On Fruit Flavors With Their Popular Delta 8 Gummies

With today’s super competitive CBD market, it’s not always easy to find a solid brand you can trust. It seems between the countless products and fully stocked shelf space, it could be a hit or a miss.

One brand that has been gaining notoriety for its quality, trustworthy products is Galaxy Treats. The space-themed cannabinoid-focused brand offers a premium selection of high-quality, 100% hemp-derived products, including Delta 8 Gummies, HHC Gummies, THCO Gummies, HHC Vapes, and THCO Vapes, among others. Galaxy Treats sells items ranging from carts, gummies, and even rice crispy edibles. The fruit flavored products are fan favorites in their catalog.

What sets Galaxy Treats apart is its drive to sell only the best quality products and ones manufactured in the United States. All Galaxy Treats’ items are third-party lab tested and only manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. The company boasts trusted labels across their websites catalog. Galaxy Treats’ gummies were voted #2 in the 2022 High Times Hemp Cup, getting a major co-sign from an industry-leading publication. Each delta-8 Moon Baby gummy is carefully crafted with 25 milligrams of delta-8 THC. The mild psychoactive substance is derived from the Sativa plant and has been known to deliver uplifting and motivating calmness. Many customers prefer this because the substance can be enjoyed without the paranoia and anxiety associated with traditional THC use. Moon Baby gummies are available in Bluerazz Rocket, Starberry, and Mars Mango.

Overcoming the difficulties of becoming legal to distribute hemp and CBD, Galaxy Treats became federally legal in 2018, allowing more than five years of true experience under their belt. Now, as one of the fastest growing cannabinoid brands online, the company’s next focus is to continue to grow its customer base. They plan to do this by adding more products to diversify their offerings, including more alternative products and potentially even THC-based products.

As the company continues to grow its popularity, Galaxy Treats’ main focus will continue to be on the quality of its products. The business is consistently landing products in top lists published across major outlets on the internet. The company also wants to continue to urge its customers to check out its blog, where they invest time in keeping product users informed on everything CBD related.

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