June 24, 2024
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Global Fashion Trends Take Center Stage at the BRICS+Fashion Summit

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/woman-in-black-spaghetti-strap-dress-standing-on-stage-7DUSkuGgLyM
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/woman-in-black-spaghetti-strap-dress-standing-on-stage-7DUSkuGgLyM

By: Rita Sol

The recently concluded BRICS+Fashion Summit in Moscow not only served as a platform for designers from India, China, South Africa, Brazil, and Europe to showcase their talent, but it also provided a glimpse into the exciting global fashion trends that are shaping the industry. The BRICS+Fashion Summit in Moscow proved to be a melting pot of talent and creativity, as designers from around the world unveiled their captivating collections.

Embracing Pastel Shades

Designers like Kunjina Tesfaye from Ethiopia and Lucas Leão from Brazil captivated attendees with their masterful use of pastel shades. Tesfaye’s artistic sensibility shone through her asymmetrical cuts and architectonic designs, while Leão showcased a minimalist approach, creating a harmony of simplicity and sophistication. The prevalent use of soft pastel hues on the runway reflected a trend that is set to dominate the fashion scene.

Transcending Reality to Fairyland

Alena Akhmadullina turned the runway into a whimsical fairyland, leaving the audience spellbound. Her collection skillfully merged everyday denim with enchanting dresses adorned with intricate drapes and elements. The result was a captivating display of bold shapes and unexpected combinations that evoked the allure of a fairy tale. Another designer, Shruti Sancheti from India, added vibrancy and color to this theme, infusing her collection with the magic and charm of Indian fairy tales.

Dark allure Reigns

The power of black color was evident on the runway, as South African designer David Tlale pushed boundaries by combining translucent lace with sequins. Tlale’s collection featured daring ensembles, with men confidently sporting tight corsets and puffy blouses, while women donned multi-layered floor-length dresses with vibrant prints. Indonesian designer Aldrie Indrayana also embraced dark allure, incorporating grunge and Gothic influences into her eco-friendly collection that utilized upcycled materials.

Reviving 2000s Trends

SADAELS brought back the nostalgia of the 2000s with their collection, which featured tightly fitted dresses, macramé tops, cutout pants, and backless blouses. Designer Daels, drawing inspiration from both Argentina and Belgium, seamlessly blended European couture with an Argentine flair, creating a unique aesthetic that captured the essence of sensuality and refinement.

Modern Classic

Chinese brand 陳宇CHNNYU, hailed as a modern classic by the media, seamlessly pairs with ethereal feminine dresses and delicate tops adorned with enchanting sky prints. Meanwhile, Serbian label Batakovic Belgrade wows Moscow with an impeccable collection designed exclusively for contemporary women. The assortment boasts relaxed-fit pantsuits, refined base shirts, commanding men-like overcoats, sultry bodycon dresses, and striking all-black ensembles. The Batakovic Belgrade muse exudes self-assuredness and allure, representing the embodiment of modern femininity.

Femininity Redefined

Arzu Kaprol, the Turkish fashion designer famed for her cutting-edge approach towards clothing technologies, left a lasting impression at the illustrious BRICS+ Fashion Summit. Her avant-garde collection exuded architectural shapes, skillfully blending materials such as leather, velvet, and tinsel. Equally mesmerizing was the captivating showcase by Hany El Behairy Haute Couture, an Egyptian brand. Opulent dresses adorned with dazzling crystals and feathers masterfully paid homage to the ancient Egyptian culture. These extraordinary exhibitions undeniably underscore the profound influence of fashion, transcending boundaries and evoking inspiration while transporting beholders to realms both familiar and exotic.

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