May 28, 2024
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Global Mixed Gender Basketball League Advocates for Equal Pay for Equal Play

A new way of playing basketball is on the rise. The Global Mixed Gender Basketball League or GMGB hopes to champion an acceptance that will revolutionize the future of basketball.

The GMGB was created in 2015 by James Scott, the owner and CEO of the world’s first-ever mixed gender professional basketball league. There are seven teams in total, each owned by an internationally known celebrity, while the players are former NBA, WNBA, and the Harlem Globetrotters who share a common belief in what GMGB stands for and what it can inspire in the future. 

It may seem like GMGB is just stirring the pot, but one can say it is doing so the right way. It allows men and women to co-exist in the same court for everyone to witness, serving not only as a revolutionary idea but also a courageous and awe-inspiring one at that. 

“The unique formula that we’ve developed for play is three women and two men on the court in the first quarter, followed by two women and three men in the second quarter, on each team. Each quarter it rotates. James shared that this, along with a few other minor changes in play, ensures an exciting and never-before-seen format, what we believe to be The Future of Basketball,” James shared.

GMGB is very new to many people, but it can spark change where the world needs it most. Basketball is among the most famous and well-loved sports globally; a favorite pastime of numerous individuals, both men and women. Over the years, people have watched the NBA games excitedly, and legendary athletes such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and the late Kobe Bryant have given the game the value it deserves for bringing people together, shaping character, and uniting teams. This globally famous sport is now evolving with the help of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League (GMGB).

“There are no other professional basketball teams or leagues that have men and women playing together on the court simultaneously,” James added. “The vision of equality is evidenced not only in the players but also in the coaches and referees. Everything is men and women. That coupled with the internationally known celebrity team owners and the outstanding halftime entertainment they bring sets us apart from all the rest.” 

James acknowledges that a person’s gender should not dictate raw talent and skill. The present generation has seen relevant role reversals within the home, business, and even politics over the past years, and seeing the same thing happening in sports can be exhilarating not just for athletes but also for people in general. 

James envisions GMGB to soon bridge the gap that has made the gender gap a form of measurement in professional sports. Guided by the slogan, “Equal Pay for Equal Play,” GMGB is expected to be a catalyst for relevant change, especially with how basketball is being played. James looks forward to someday seeing people from different walks of life embracing a new kind of basketball that will upgrade their viewing experience. 

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