May 27, 2024
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“Glow through nightmares to make your dreams come true.” AMILLION’S 1NA Brand and Movement are a symbol of hope!

Sourced Photo (Images internally provided)
Sourced Photo (Images internally provided)

When you hear 1NA, you probably think of the song entitled, One In A Million by the beautiful late great singer Aaliyah. Who knew it would also be created by Lucas Amillion Mayfield who’s real middle name means One In A Million, after the birth of his daughter Aaliyah. He chose to forgo a professional overseas basketball contract to be an active Father. AMILLION’S dream still managed to win the lottery as it grew simultaneously with his daughter over the years. The 1NA Movement began with his gift of spoken word and poetry books that evolved into an innate rapping ability that led to independent Hip-Hop Albums touring over 20 countries internationally. The Movement became bigger than himself once Amillion realized he was blessed to be a blessing.  Amillion The Poet, Artist, Father and Mogul now own 1NA Record Label, 1NA Radio Show, 1NA Store and 1NA Alkaline Water.  

According to Amillion, 1NA transcends the identity of a regular brand; it is a symbol of hope and a lifestyle! 1NA represents unique individuals and crusades, a movement that inspires one to own your dreams despite your nightmares. “I think everyone possesses something unique and priceless inside of them. Once you find it then you define it,” Mr. Mayfield affirms.

Amillion is a well-known international hip-hop artist, but also very active in his local community. He was awarded the Dover, Delaware Key to the City holder, NAACP Award and Better Delmarva Award.  Amillion also founded the 1NA Foundation to aide  youth and inspire the community from small cities to dream big. The Amillion The Poet Scholarship awards youth $5,000 to attend college. 

“If you can’t change the state you’re in; change your state of mind.”

 “I no longer want to be labeled a Community Activist, I just want to be active in my community as we all should be.”

Amillion, the CEO, was most recently chosen by Forbes for the Culture and the Top 40 under 40 nationally in Business and Entertainment Award in Las Vegas 2023. Among many other networks, Amillion has appeared on ABC, BET, MTV, VH1, and iHeart. His incredible musical talent has headlined tours around the United States and abroad, including the United Kingdom, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Amsterdam, Canada, and the Virgin Islands. 

“Coming from where I come from it’s humbling to perform internationally and on television, but I can still remember vividly when my 1st music visual was on MTV and I couldn’t afford my cable bill to watch it.” 

The 1NA brand has collaborated with reputable companies like Lamborghini, iHeart Radio, WDRB Media, Move On Voting Campaign, Fox News TV advertisements, DTLR Villa Stores across the United States, and Zara Fashion Retailers abroad. Amillion 1NA Companies has also performed and led workshops for adolescents and adults in schools, jails, churches, and shelters on successful tours. These performance engagements helped improve the mental health of youth and all walks of life. 

“I know it’s God’s work when I can look in the audience and see all races, ages and creeds together in one room.”

Amillion uses poetry and musical techniques to help people express themselves and understand their emotions in new ways. Over the span of 10 years, 1NA Workshops have been presented in more than 50 school districts, public libraries, juvenile facilities, and adult prisons. The Amillion The Poet Scholarship Fund and 1NA Foundation, which he proudly established, have so far given over $ 25,000 in scholarships to high school and college students. 1NA Water Company was founded in Amillion in 2021 to promote both physical health and emotional wellness. 

Amillion was nominated for a prestigious ASCAP award and contributed a movie score on the Denzel Washington-starring film “The Equalizer 2,” which was the top movie in the nation.  Additionally, Amillion’s own short documentary “Road 2 to Firefly ” was screened in AMC Theaters and sold out twice! Amillion was named the Top Mover and Delaware’s most influential person by The News Journal publication. 

With everything Amillion has accomplished he says, his proudest title still remains to be Aaliyah’s dad, his 15-year-old daughter is his pride and joy. She is an honor roll student, national champion cheerleader and kind hearted young lady.  Amillion the Man demonstrates that he is a key figure in the industry, internationally and in the community. His future looks as bright as his catch phrase, Let’s glow!

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