May 25, 2024
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“Hard work is my success mantra!” – Harvey Chandler amazes the fans with his performance

Snooker is an indoor sport that was first introduced in the 19th century by members of the British Army. The popularity of snooker quickly caught on, making its way to Europe and then the United States. However, it wasn’t until 1927 that the sport was recognized internationally after the inaugural World Snooker Championship. Back then, it was called the Professional Championship of Snooker. Ever since there have been snooker players who have been focusing on carving a niche for themselves, but only a few have managed to make their way to the top.

Among them, Harvey Chandler is one talented snooker player who has made it big in the world of snooker and aims to go even higher. This hard-working sportsman started his career at the young age of 13. Though it started off as an accident, it later became his passion. Initially, he had no interest in snooker, but things started to change when his father would take him to snooker clubs in Peterborough once a month. According to Harvey, accompanying his father to snooker clubs was boring, but today it makes him smile, thinking about how wrong he was. “A couple of my friends and I decided to hang out at a snooker club one day. It was a random decision, and I don’t know what happened. However, that day changed everything. I played phenomenally, and everyone was really impressed by my game, and since that moment, I also fell in love with it,” he shared, adding that you never know what fate has in store for you.

After that amazing game in the club, Harvey developed a keen interest in snooker and continued playing at different clubs until a local coach named Malcolm noticed him. He witnessed the extraordinary talent in Harvey and offered to train him. The coach would train him every Saturday. In fact, it was Malcolm who encouraged him to play professional snooker. Though Harvey claims that this was fun, he never realized that he would go on to become a professional snooker player. “I have to give it to Malcolm for his insight. He just knew that I   had something special in me that would make me the star of the snooker world,” he revealed. 

Harvey Chandler is undoubtedly the emerging talent of snooker. However, at first, he thought it was a boring game as he was a football enthusiast and snooker required a lot of patience and calmness. But he started to love the game as soon as he got the hang of it. “I started at a very young age, but I made sure to put every ounce of my energy into becoming the best snooker player out there. I never played snooker to win big money or trophies. It is just about the love of the game that keeps me going,” Harvey informed.  

Snooker became more than just a game for him when he turned to professionally playing the sport with some of the best snooker players in the world. He felt challenged and had to retain his position no matter what. Talking about his experience, he shared, “I was a small fish in a big ocean. In my first season as a professional, I didn’t win many matches, but in the following years, I started to feel comfortable, and started winning matches regularly.” 

Harvey went on to reveal that he spent countless days and thousands of hours practicing, and that is what made him passionate enough to win big titles. He made his way to one of the most prestigious tournaments, the European Snooker Championship, where he managed to dominate all his opponents, securing a position in the qualifier round. Moreover, he landed in Bulgaria, Sofia for the group and knockout stages of the tournament. The best part is that Harvey won all the matches, including the finals, by 7-2.

One thing is sure that behind every successful journey, there are a lot of ups and downs. But the moral is to never give up on your dreams. Even though you might keep falling, always remember to get up and move on because life never stops. And Harvey Chandler is living proof that hard work and dedication definitely pay off. He is a true mentor for anyone who wishes to win a snooker championship. Despite all the hardships and hindrances in his way, Harvey always stood strong and never let his guard down, no matter what. He won the European snooker championship without any sponsors, which makes him stand out from the rest of the contestants.

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