February 27, 2024
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Harlan Werner and The Memorabilia Network are Transforming the Billion-Dollar Collectibles Industry

The collectible industry is set to become a $200B industry within the next five years, but consumers often don’t know where to go or who to trust whether they are buying or selling items. As a collector with decades of experience, Harlan Werner has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, building a collection of memorabilia from legends such as Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, and Joe Namath. Throughout his time in the industry, he discovered that there has never been a place where collectors can safely and securely have their collections evaluated while telling their unique stories. The Memorabilia Network solves this problem with an all-in-one, white-glove service.

The Memorabilia Network is the result of decades of relationship-building and a heartfelt connection to sports, entertainment, and music memorabilia collectors and enthusiasts who have a story to tell. And for more than 40 years, Harlan Werner has been deep into this industry as a collector, dealer, and show promoter.

The concept for The Memorabilia Network stemmed from Werner’s frustration over how the sports collectible industry has evolved. Where there once were passionate collectors being seen as geeks of the industry, today, dealers have become a lot more about themselves than they are about the art of collecting. Aside from this, the value of authentication has completely changed in that one expert’s opinion becomes the mark of authenticity, no matter the real and true story behind a collectible. “There has to be an alternative,” Harlan says.

Stories hold the true value of a collectible. This is a firm belief held by The Memorabilia Network team. With Harlan Werner as President and CEO, the team consists of their Sports Department Head, Dan Nelles, who built his own memorabilia company in Toronto when he was 16 and now has over 25 years of experience in the sports collectible industry aiding major memorabilia institutions in Canada; Director of Appraisals, Mike Gutierrez, who has appeared for ten seasons as an on-air appraiser of sports, entertainment, pop culture & general collectibles on the PBS series, Antiques Roadshow; Hollywood Department Head, David Elkouby, who owns The Hollywood Show, one of the best and longest-running pop culture conventions in the country specializing in celebrity autographs and one-of-a-kind TV and movie cast reunions; and Office Manager, Maria Parker, who has handled promotions for major broadcasting firms like iHeart Media. The Memorabilia Network has also brought the cream of the crop onto its Board of Directors, with the most influential names in business, entertainment and sports on board.

The Memorabilia Network has a full suite of services, including appraisals, buyer representation, private sales, in-house auctions, collection portfolio management, and auction house consignment. While authentication services might be expected of a firm such as The Memorabilia Network, Werner and his team highlights provenance stories through their studio-quality film projects. Here, they interview collectors and allow them to tell their stories, building a community while increasing the value of the collection.

If you’re a collector, buyer, seller, or dealer, you might want to catch their upcoming Heroes, Icons, and Legends Auction on October 24, 2022. You can get a glimpse of their featured pieces, such as Muhammad Ali’s portrait and portfolio sets, Mickey Mantle memorabilia, and many more. Buyers and sellers can learn more by visiting The Memorabilia Network website.

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