July 13, 2024
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Harmonizing Dreams and Dance floors

Harmonizing Dreams and Dance floors
Photo Credited To: Adva Riklin

Asi Vidal, LA’s Premier DJ and Event Maestro

Modestly, with great faith, professionalism, and dedication, Asi Vidal manages to be ranked among the most desired, successful, and popular DJs within the communities in Los Angeles. If you have an upcoming event, it is highly recommended to book in advance because his schedule is very tight.

After five years of studying music in Tel Aviv, Asi Vidal became one of the most sought-after Israeli DJs in Los Angeles. His company, ‘Angels Music,’ provides innovative music services and attractions for events.

Musical Odyssey from Israel to LA

Weddings, private parties, corporate events, launches, birthdays, and Festivals are the source of Asi Vidal’s satisfaction and success. He is not just DJing at events but can produce the event for you – a one-time event that you will remember for a lifetime.

This includes, among other things, lighting, sound, LED screens, LED dance floors, photo booths, dancers, musicians, special effects, and everything you can dream of. Asi Vidal will turn the event into something glamorous and unique for you and your guests.

“Music burned in me from a very young age. Even back in those days when I was listening to new music on the radio,” he recalled. At first, I just collected music that I loved, especially techno and dance music, and recorded them on tape cassettes.”, “Later, I started playing this music for friends’ birthdays and school parties.”

With the curiosity of a growing teenager and a lot of dedication, Asi took courses and specialized in the field of DJing.

“I always knew that I would be a music producer and a DJ. For me, there is no feeling more fulfilling than getting people to dance and bringing joy to them.”

The Dance Behind the Decks

After completing his military service, he moved to Eilat. The party city of Israel and began working as a DJ in the entertainment and nightlife scene, From small bars to clubs and even in the local radio station, “I had a program along with other friends at the radio station “Red Sea Voice,” it was about the city’s nightlife. We would cover parties and interview DJs who came to play in the city every week. It was a fun and lively program that showcased everything the southern city had to offer young partygoers.”

Harmonizing Dreams and Dance floors
Photo Credit: Adva Riklin

“During that time, I worked as a DJ in clubs and parties in the city. Then, when I wanted to start and produce music, I realized that I needed to learn more, so I decided to study music professionally. Not just a course but comprehensive music studies that lasted almost five years. “I wanted to deeply understand music, learn how to play the keyboard, understand theory, sound, and production.”

After a long and intense period of studying in Tel Aviv, Asi completed his studies, ”It was hard; the rent in Tel Aviv was high, and I worked two jobs while studying; finally, when it was over, I thought of a vacation and then coming back to open my studio… but of course, God and the angels had other plans.”

Beyond the Turntables

A short vacation to the US became Asi’s new life in America. “ I traveled to Virginia, Maryland, New York, Washington DC, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Colorado.” Just before returning home, I decided to visit California and the City of Angels.

Asi: “From the moment I arrived in Los Angeles, I felt at home—the weather, the tall palm trees, the ocean, and, of course, the music industry. My heart told me that I had to open my studio here. To stop working for others and develop what I love most – creating music and making people dance.”

“Until I sorted out the matter of the transition and to save money for the studio, I worked in temporary jobs. It was difficult, but I had a vision in mind to start building my own business to provide people with high-quality music services.

Later on, in 2010, he opened his own studio and record company, Rhino Star Music, and began creating music and developing his business – music production and event management.

Beats, Lights, and Action

“The beginning wasn’t easy. The language was still new, and I didn’t know anyone. I started DJing in clubs in Hollywood, at side stages, and at small events to make progress. I started a weekly podcast – “Electro Club,” and I played music wherever I was offered, even for free.

That’s where I met other DJs and producers who helped me progress and do larger events and weddings. Later on, I met a few event producers. I offered to work with them, and since then, everything has taken off. My business has been growing every year. I had very challenging times, but I believed in myself even when I had nothing; I knew that perseverance and passion for music would take me to where I want to be.”

Asi started from scratch. He was an employee hired to DJ at small private events. “At the first event, I only had a laptop and a DJ controller. I had to rent sound and lighting equipment, and with time, I bought my lighting, speakers, and more DJ equipment.”

The Birth of “Angels Music”

“In 2014, I started my own company and named it ‘Angels Music,’ for the City of Angels and for the Angels that have been guarding and guiding me”.

Today, nine years later, I’m in a position where most of my clients know about me and trust me; when customers tell me how they loved my work from previous events and want to work with me, it still touches and makes me grateful.”

Asi learned what people want and love at their events: “People want something that will wow their guests. And I make it happen for them, of course, with the help of a talented team of people that are working with me.”

The Art of DJing and Event Preparation

“The event itself is the fun part; the real work is the preparation preceding it – getting to know the client, understanding what they want, who their guests are, their music preferences, ages. The community they came from. Every culture loves and needs its specific music to let loose and celebrate. I have strong connections with many event service providers, DJs, hosts, musicians, dancers, performers, and various entertainment suppliers who have been working with me for years. To create a successful event, I always work in a team, collaborating with people I can rely on.” 

“I work hard before the event – I must arrive prepared, with everything organized for the event timeline, age groups, and atmosphere. During the event, my job as a DJ is to make sure things happen when they are supposed to, feel the audience, and give them what they want. 

Creating an Atmosphere for Diverse Audiences

“I do believe that music is crucial at an event, but it’s not everything. The lighting, the sound, and the atmosphere is a big part of creating excitement and building the event. Start with making the guests feel comfortable with fun music, letting them enjoy the food, talking to each other until they are ready to go wild on the dance floor, and then I can unleash the fire. 

“In the beginning, in big events, I used to be so nervous that my fingers used to tremble. Today, I worked hard beforehand to feel ready, organized, and prepared for the event. But I’m always excited. Standing in front of people and being responsible for the atmosphere – it’s a significant role! And unexpected things always happen.

In general, I really can’t complain about anything. I laugh about everything and don’t take it personally. Trying to be sensitive to the audience and the situation, and focus on choosing the next right song.”

From Accolades to Album Releases

“In the past year and this year, I received the title of one of the most popular DJs in Los Angeles from several leading websites in the industry. Esteemed electronic music magazines have written about my music. 

As an artist, I am going to release my fifth album this year. It’s the fulfillment of a dream and an incredible satisfaction for me. I truly feel that I’m living my dream. I genuinely believe that this is 

my calling in life.

“My motto is to be the best that I can be, to persevere, and to trust my intuition. Even today, I can always progress and learn more. I seek creative and trendy ways to express my creativity. I always ask myself how I can do things in a better way, like the song by Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Written By: Lior Nir

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