June 15, 2024
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Hazel Ortega and High Tide Global Aim to Change the Lives of One Billion People by 2032 Through Superhero Program in Los Angeles

“Changing one billion lives is not just a goal; it is our plan and our purpose,” says Hazel Ortega, M.Ed PSY, founder of High Tide Global and Educational Psychologist, “but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.” 

On a mission to “lift the tide of humanity,” Hazel Ortega founded High Tide Global, a nonprofit that aims to transform the face of philanthropy and uplift the lives of youth across the globe through education and many other empowering mediums. 

High Tide Global wants to transform the world by molding the next generation of leaders. Today, they are taking an innovative approach to lift the tide of students’ mental health by partnering with Los Angeles schools and integrating the “Secrets to Becoming a Superhero” program into their curriculum to ensure all students are empowered with the grit and resilience needed for them to reach their dreams by helping students to tap into their inner strength and a healthier mindset. 

In the recent blockbuster Marvel film, “Thor: God of Love and Thunder,” there is a powerful scene where Thor asks a group of captured children to fight alongside him so they can stop the villain. The children were blessed with lightning powers and added strength and stamina to fight alongside the God of Thunder. So similar to the work of High Tide Global, this scene shows us that we all have the power to encourage others to be their best selves and to find inner strength. 

“Putting the Superhero program into schools in Los Angeles is meaningful to me because I grew up here, but also because this is where superheroes come from!” says Ortega. “We have to give children strength and hope. Feelings of insignificance and depression have become pervasive–even among the youngest,” explained Hazel Ortega. “Many are turning to suicide in despair. They can’t see beyond their present circumstances.” 

High Tide Global is successfully opening doors for students and exposing them to opportunities to lead to a better future. The nonprofit trains educators, parents, and students through their Superhero Program. They partner with worldwide charities and outreach missions, and host superhero workshops. High Tide has reached individuals from Los Angeles, Mexico, and Uganda

through various philanthropic projects, and are constantly looking for ways to expand its reach to help more people. 

Even before starting High Tide Global, Ortega always had a passion for helping others. As a public speaker, she has engaged and inspired thousands of audiences, emanating positive, engaging energy that attracts people from all walks of life. Born and raised in Echo Park, Ortega grew up where gang violence, dropping out of school, and having parents in the judicial system was normal. It wasn’t until Ortega was 30 years old that she completed high school, but not without strong encouragement and guidance from people in her life that she refers to as her “Pushy Angels.” 

“At a very young age, I had experienced a few lifetime’s worth of heartache and trauma,” says Ortega. “Then new people came into my life and took an interest in me. I refer to them as ‘Pushy Angels.’ They pushed me to achieve more…but they did it with kindness. Without them, I would never have opened my eyes to what is possible in life.” 

These people helped Ortega take some of her first steps toward breaking the poverty cycle and mindset and eventually sent her on her way toward starting several multi-million dollar businesses. She is the founder of the Ortega Counseling Center, the largest return-to-work counseling center for injured workers in California. With the counselors there, she has created her own army of Pushy Angels who have successfully guided more than 40,000 injured workers to return to school after losing their jobs. They train for new, fulfilling careers after their injuries. Ortega is passionate about helping people recognize the Pushy Angels in their own lives as well as finding their inner Pushy Angels to help the people around them. 

“When you know your value and acknowledge the bounty of miracles in your life, you create a legendary life,” Ortega said. With her team at High Tide Global, the visionary aims to empower more youth to lead legendary and extraordinary lives, spreading success everywhere they go. 

Together with her partner Elbert Irving IV, Ortega sets out to use her success and influence as a serial entrepreneur to impact lives. The partners are further pushing themselves to take on new projects and they are determined to spread kindness, joy, warmth, and love to people who need them the most. 

“Changing one billion lives is a vision that we are committed to,” says Ortega, “but we need you. Please go to hightideglobal.org to learn how to help–no super powers necessary.”

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