June 24, 2024
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Hollywood filmmaker Mukesh Asopa gets driven by Original content, strong characters and artistic locations

When it comes to producing breakthroughs, both technological and artistic, it can be a real tough job, for people can get easily stuck in a rut, especially when working in the Film Industry. Hollywood has been home to numerous industry experts who have made waves in the industry by showcasing their unique perspectives and artistic abilities. One such name that pops in our heads while thinking of such ‘filmmakers’ is that of Mukesh Asopa.

Asopa is an Indian-born film director and producer, founder of Asopa Films, a production house based in Canada, and is a member of the Directors Guild Of Canada. Prior to establishing an empire in the Canadian film industry, he acquired a bachelor’s degree from one of the most prestigious colleges in India – The University of Calcutta which was also home to the only Indian Academy Award winner – Satyajit Ray. He is also an alumnus of BJAS that was home to Hollywood Directors such as Mira Nair, and Slumdog Millionaire famed actress Frieda Pinto.

Asopa made his professional acting debut in the film Reel Zombies and has since been in fourteen films and various television programs, all of which have received critical acclaim for their unique themes. He firmly believes that what makes a film stand out is that it is a culmination of original content, strong characters, and artistic locations. And it is this belief that has driven Asopa his entire career – to be autonomous, unique, and stand out with his perspective in the industry.  All of his stories, worlds, and characters are created internally alongside his community of artists. And in making these films, he has, without a doubt continued to push the technological boundaries and artistic vision securing dozens of awards in the process. He has gained mass acclaim for his hits Depth of Pyaar, Bloody Romeo; Chambers Gate; Zombie Beach, and The Taste of Relation.

Asopa believes “Film Festivals for films are as important as a film school for film students.” And maybe this is the reason why he has won over 100 awards and been nominated in over 60 categories globally including American Movie Awards,  California film awards, SoCal Film Awards, Golden Ace Award at Las Vegas; Spirit Awards at Idyllwild in California, Aurora Awards in Utah. Rising Star Award at Vancouver in Canada; Care Awards in West Virginia; Golden Palm Awards in  Mexico, Maple Leaf Award at Vancouver in Canada; and Platinum Reel Awards at Nevada in the USA.

Asopa ardently works to establish a connection with not only Canadians but also with global audiences through his stores – which is what makes him an aspiring as well as an inspiring filmmaker in the Hollywood Film Industry. Based out of Toronto, Asopa in the upcoming future aims to further broaden his reach and create a culture of exploration and experimentation which we are bound to witness in his future endeavors as a prolific director. 

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