July 12, 2024
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Hoss Co. Is the Active Lifestyle Brand Pushing Others to Become the Best Version of Themselves

While not many lifestyle brands have a grand vision for their clients and consumers, Hoss Co. is determined to go beyond providing fantastic apparel pieces and other essentials. Ultimately, the brand is on a bigger mission to help people find and become the best version of themselves. 

Founded by Matthew Goldby alongside his lifelong childhood friends, Hoss Co. was established as a creative lifestyle brand at the beginning of 2020’s summer season. The company operates from its Chicago headquarters as it promotes the “Hoss way of life.” Despite building the brand in the middle of a pandemic, it has been fortunate enough to have a solid base of supporters who have kept it afloat and thriving. Initially, the company focused on selling impressive colognes, but it eventually expanded to providing apparel pieces such as athletic shirts, sweatshirts, pants, hats, beanies, sunglasses, and more. 

But more than its striking products, Hoss Co. captures the hearts of many for its visionary concepts. As a lifestyle brand, it is dedicated to helping others better themselves each day. “Be The Hoss is about being the best version of yourself as possible,” says Matthew. He continues to say that someone who identifies as a “Hoss” is someone who cannot be defined and boxed into four corners. Essentially, a Hoss is someone willing to go up and beyond to improve themselves as people. 

Another unique feature that makes Hoss Co. stand out is that the brand is a dream shared by a group of childhood friends focused on achieving an overall healthy and active lifestyle. In achieving their dream lifestyle, they hope to lift others along with their success by providing them brand essentials that will motivate and inspire them to move forward.

Today, Hoss Co. is making rounds in the brand industry for its well-thought-out apparel line, especially the custom athletic shirts specifically designed for training. These shirts are guaranteed to keep the person’s body well-ventilated to train smart and cool. The quick-drying and slim-fit pieces boast its four-way stretch technology on top of its other features. Many notable athletes have raved about the brand’s athletic shirt selection, including Miami Heat’s Max Strus, Carolina Panthers’ Jeremy Chin, Chicago Fire’s Fabian Herbers, Chris Streveler of Arizona Cardinals, Frank Kaminsky of Phoenix Suns, and Garret Crochet from White Sox. New York Yankee Josh Stowers, Cubs’ Nico Hoener, Tampa Bay Bucs’ Scotty Miller, and MMA fighter Roy Nelson “Big Country” are also among the many famous personalities who swore by these athletic shirts. 

For the brilliant team behind Hoss Co., their success today only marks the beginning of a grander vision for the brand. “We’re going to learn and adapt to change every single day,” says Matthew. In the future, the brand hopes to become a household name in the field of sports brands. But most of all, the company hopes to attract more people to join their movement toward creating a better version of oneself.

To know more about Hoss Co. and its products, please visit its official website.

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