May 25, 2024
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Hot Boy Finn Artist on the Rise: Meeting the Mind Behind Rising Single “Ice Me Out”

Spotify is a highly competitive market where millions of artists fight for listeners’ attention worldwide. Above all the noise, one track has consistently gathered a rising number of streams and plays: “Ice Me Out,” the lone single of up-and-coming rap artist Donnie Emanuel Poole, aka Hot Boy Finn. 

An artist and rapper from Chicago, Illinois, Hot Boy Finn is a one-of-a-kind artist who has taken over the independent rap scene. The artist’s stage name is a combination of two concepts that remain close to Donnie’s heart until this day. The artist derived the name Hot Boy from his favorite rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, who immortalized the hook “Hot Girl.” Finn came from Donnie’s favorite Glee character Finn, played by the late Canadian actor Cory Monteith. By carrying the celebrity’s name, he hopes to continue the artistic legacy of Cory, who tragically passed away after a controversial drug overdose.

Hot Boy Finn also happens to be the son of legendary rapper Marvin Poole, who inspired him to dive into music in the first place. Growing up, Hot Boy would listen to music and imitate his late father, who rap enthusiasts knew best by his slogan FCF. By actively pursuing a music career, Donnie Poole hopes to bring pride to his father’s memory and carry on the Poole family music legacy. 

Before moving into producing and recording, Hot Boy Finn already had a considerable level of digital fame and success. Many of his freestyle videos have gone viral on various social media channels, including a YouTube freestyle rap video entitled “No Pressure,” which has gathered over 17,000 views on YouTube in less than six months. Hot Boy has received nods and approvals from other hip-hop artists like Saycheese and Worldstar in the past few years. He followed the momentum and released his first original single, “Ice Me Out,” on January 21, 2021, which has received raving reviews and feedback since its start of the year launch. 

Donnie Poole’s father raised him to become an independent individual, urging him to take his calling by force. Donnie waits for no one and works hard to create his opportunities without handouts or favors. Today, Donnie is working with a team of marketing experts to develop and execute a TikTok plan in the coming days to promote another slew of releases this 2021 and beyond. Hot Boy Finn has also worked non-stop to grow his network and form collaborations with various public figures, models, and co-rap musicians and content creators to develop high-value and top-level music. 

Hot Boy Finn is also a serial entrepreneur with a knack for fashion. He is currently working on the concept and finishing touches of his clothing line called Finn-O Clothing Co, which will launch very soon. He also runs a non-profit organization called the Giving Hands Organization that serves troubled youth in the Chicago area.

Hot Boy Finn hopes to create a legacy that will uplift people everywhere regardless of background or preference through his music. To learn more about Hot Boy Finn and his music, visit his official website, Spotify profile, and Instagram account.

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