July 14, 2024
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How Cancer Survivor Matt Ode Earned a Second Chance in Life to Share His Story and Inspire Others

Life takes many unexpected turns. Occasionally, it brings us to great opportunities. However, life can also take a turn for the worst. Matt Ode is among the individuals who battled through cancer, among many other medical challenges. A survivor of countless endeavors, he has been using his second chance in life to guide others going through similar ordeals.

Matt Ode was a healthy personal trainer when he was diagnosed with stage 3C testicular cancer at twenty-four years old. Initially weighing at 185 lb, the disease wreaked havoc in his body, wearing him down to 110 lb in just eight months. Matt underwent chemotherapy and surgery, hoping to remove the remnants of cancer from the body. However, he would encounter various complications.

Shortly after the initial surgery, Matt was placed in the ICU for over forty days and fifty-three days total at the Cleveland Clinic. During that time, Matt would survive many near-death experiences. He went through five major surgeries, causing a large open wound on his stomach. Matt laid non-responsive in a 2 week coma, experienced kidney, and liver failure, and went into cardiac arrest. The latter required nurses to perform eight minutes of CPR in hopes of bringing him back to life.

Doctors were uncertain if he would wake up again or if it was possible, suggesting to his family and girlfriend that he be placed on dialysis. The decision would be a permanent one that would require him to use to learn simple tasks like eating and walking again. However, against all odds, Matt was able to survive. Three years later, he returned to his vibrant, enthusiastic, and energetic personality, helping individuals transform their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Matt Ode became a transformation coach and was highly sought after as an inspirational keynote speaker. Using his platform as a motivational speaker, the cancer survivor uses his story of resilience and perseverance to take his audience on an emotional rollercoaster, helping them eliminate their “Why Me?” victim mentality, turning their setbacks into their superpowers. Matt helps young adults overcome mental hurdles and society’s emotional pressure to help them find their path and purpose in life. He also takes the time to help industries overcome daily stress, bringing insight and perspective into their lives and allowing them to thrive in all areas of life.

He created a group on Facebook in 2020 for cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. Just a few months after making the group, Matt was joined by over three thousand members, with the group continuing to grow. He reaches out to individuals, sharing his story to guide others and showing tangible results for those who have doubts about opening up to him. Because of the second chance that life gave him, Matt has been using his story to show others that life’s setbacks are a setup they can use to grow into the best version of themselves.

In the years to come, Matt Ode hopes to collaborate with top industries, organizations, and celebrities so they can take on a greater platform to help individuals realize the countless possibilities in life. Additionally, he sees himself on the massive stage contributing to society.

Learn more about Matt Ode by visiting his official website. You can also join their community on Facebook and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

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