May 28, 2024
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How CEO Liram Sustiel made Mph Club the Go-To Luxury Car Rental Company

A lot of people dream of driving a luxury car. A thrilling rush comes with driving an exotic car: the engine purring with quiet power and the beautiful artistry that goes into the car’s design. But owning a luxury and exotic car is not as achievable as some people would like. Liram Sustiel is a successful CEO with a passion for luxury and exotic automobiles. His passion for high-end vehicles inspired him to launch the mph club, a luxury car rental company that brings exotic vehicles to car enthusiasts.

Liram Sustiel was born in Israel and raised in Miami. His hometown has a large community of car enthusiasts, and that is where his passion for luxury cars began. As an adult, he became an expert in all things high-end and exclusive, focusing on exotic cars. His passion for luxury vehicles was the reason behind his company, the mph club. “Collecting luxury cars was a dream come true for me. But many want to experience a day driving luxury cars but can’t afford to purchase one. So my idea was to rent out the cars I acquired and help others achieve their dream car experience.”

His company took off, with many car enthusiasts jumping on the opportunity to rent these exotic vehicles from the mph club. And Liram Sustiel built a whole suite of luxury services to complement his luxury car rental services. “We at the mph club have a white-glove service that has attracted artists, athletes, and celebrities.” 

Liram Sustiel created the mph club to go above and beyond the typical expectations of car rental services. They have locations in Miami and other areas, and they cater to clients who live in the Miami area. But for individuals who live in other states, the mph club also offers a delivery service to bring luxury cars to these clients. “We have recently acquired multiple tow trucks to our fleet, streamlining our efficiency and reach,” mph club CEO Liram Sustiel said.

Mph club also offers a chauffeur service with their exotic cars, which means their clients can arrive at events in style. “They can get cars and chauffeurs from us for events like premiers, weddings, or openings. Arriving at an event in an exotic car elevates your experience and makes that day even more memorable,” Liram Sustiel explained. 

Driving luxury cars can be a hobby, and to cater to car enthusiasts, the mph club also offers a membership program for individuals who rent often. “We want to bring these dream cars to as many people as possible, and this membership program is a way for us to make dreams come true,” the CEO shared. 

Liram Sustiel is dead set on achieving his goals. He will do everything in his power to overcome any obstacles that come his way. His drive and passion made the mph club a successful company with a strong fanbase and loyal clients. Liram aims to amass the nation’s most extensive collection of luxury and exotic rental vehicles, and he plans to open 20 new mph club locations across the United States. The company’s inventory of exotic rental cars includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren, Rolls Royce, and Bentley. In addition, his company is often one of the first rental companies to offer the latest models of luxury cars for rent. “Our client’s satisfaction matters to us, and we always strive to give them the best services and luxury cars on the market,” Liram Sustiel explained. 

To date, the mph club has a fleet of 80 high-end exotic vehicles in their fleet. Liram Sustiel plans to grow his fleet to 100 luxury cars by the end of the year. “We are the number one exotic car rental company in the world,” he said, “And we will keep on growing and expanding our services to better serve our fellow luxury car enthusiasts.”

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