July 20, 2024
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How Eric “88 Fingaz” Parham Translated His Dreams Into Reality Despite the Cutthroat Nature of the Music Industry

The music industry can be pretty intimidating because it is filled with highly competent individuals and legendary personalities who have managed to make a mark across the scene. Although this may dissuade hopefuls from dipping their toes into the field, a significant number of aspirants are still determined to enter and dominate such a competitive space. They are those individuals whose dreams are more significant than their fears, carving a success-enabling path of their own despite the hardships that come with materializing their vision of success in the music trade. One such powerhouse who is currently overcoming obstacles and thriving is Eric Caldwell Parham.

Better known in the industry as 88 Fingaz, this multi-talented personality is making waves for his diligent efforts to translate his dream of becoming a world-renowned artist into reality. Although the path to success in the music industry is challenging, he continues to fight the odds to achieve his lifetime goal. Today, Eric 88 Fingaz Parham stands alongside globally acclaimed artists while doing the thing he is most passionate about – making music.

Eric 88 Fingaz Parham is an African-American music producer, songwriter, and pianist whose passion for the trade can be traced back to his childhood years. At the age of 12, he was already the leader of a local band called Groove Unlimited. The band’s approach to music leaned towards go-go, which was a style of funk known for heavily relying on bass and percussion. This style ultimately showcased Eric 88 Fingaz Parham’s rhythm, which was highlighted throughout the band’s pieces and performances. By the time he turned 16, he had joined another music group called Icee Hott, which was the first go-go band to land a major recording deal at that time.

Throughout his career, Eric 88 Fingaz Parham continued to work hard in order to emerge triumphantly in a highly competitive industry. Because of his deep-seated love for the craft, he has managed to team up with some of the influential names in the industry, such as LaLoveTheBoss. LaLoveTheBoss and Eric 88 Fingaz Parham have been making music since the beginning of their collaboration, leading them to land the top six spot on Billboard’s Single Song Rap Charts. In addition, the duo also snatched the number one spot on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Digital Radio Tracker. Their success is quite a feat, considering that they are currently independent artists.

Aside from the desire to solidify his own dreams, Eric 88 Fingaz Parham also shared that he wanted to inspire others through music. “Aside from wanting people to know that I have what it takes to become a superstar, I also wish to succeed in order to motivate others,” he explained. Eric 88 Fingaz Parham shares that believing in oneself and never giving up are his two secrets to success.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Eric 88 Fingaz Parham looks forward to expanding his horizons while constantly improving his craft, cementing his stellar reputation in the music industry further as a trusted and well-rounded producer. 


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