July 17, 2024
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How Greg Foreignauto Became the King of Collision Repair in LA

Greg Foreignauto is an automotive business professional and the founder of RR Auto Group, a leading collision repair and customization company in Los Angeles. RR Auto Group specializes in exotic and luxury vehicles that can’t be properly cared for in average shops. Greg has many years of experience in the automotive industry and he uses all of the knowledge he has gathered to provide the most knowledgeable and hassle free collision repair service in LA. Greg has carefully selected each member of his team and is confident that every car coming in is handled by experts that know the vehicles they service in and out.

Building RR Auto Group

RR Auto Group was built with the vision of changing the way that the end user gets their vehicle repaired or customized by offering a white glove consultative experience. Greg stated “To be a successful entrepreneur you work hard to achieve your goals. Nothing comes easy in life and everything worth having comes with sacrifices.” Greg has worked diligently to staff RR Auto Group with knowledgeable experts who know the vehicles they service inside and out. In Greg’s career he has earned I-Car Platinum Level 3 certification which is one of the highest honors that collision repair shops can receive, and it exemplifies the high level of professionalism and service that RR Auto Group provides. Establishing stable business is a challenge for any entrepreneurs in the automotive industry, but Greg has made RR Auto Group the first choice for thousands of clients.

Why RR Auto Group Is On Top

Greg works tirelessly to keep RR Auto Group as the go to for high end vehicle owners all over the Los Angeles area. RR Auto Group even repairs and collaborates on customized vehicles for some of the biggest names in entertainment today. Clients are treated like family at RR Auto Group and Greg operates his business on the principles of hard work, integrity, and personalized service. There is no other collision repair company in Los Angeles that compares to RR Auto Group’s quality service and hassle free experience. Greg and his team offer the hottest customization options in the market. Services like vehicle wraps, starlight headliners, and body kits are just a few of the ways that RR Auto Group gives client’s vehicles an extra edge and unique appearance. Greg doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts so every client who trusts him with their vehicle has peace of mind that work is being done the right way.

Future For Greg

The automotive industry is constantly changing with the addition of new technology and new vehicles every year. Greg and his team are always educating themselves about new information in the sector so they can always tackle repairs and customization with the most modern, cutting edge approaches in the industry. Maintaining high quality service is a priority for Greg as the company grows and he wants to continue proving that RR Auto Group is a brand powered by the most hard working professionals in the country. Greg is currently expanding RR Auto Group’s working space to keep up with the continuous demand for their services. Outside of his career, Greg enjoys travelling to new places and trying new food with the people he cares about.

Learn More About RR Auto Group

If you would like to learn more about RR Auto Group or get in contact with them you can find Greg Foreignauto or RR Auto Group on Instagram.

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