May 28, 2024
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How Kimberly Cloud Achieved Success at 37

At only 37 years old, Kimberly Cloud is someone to watch. With over 6k followers, her Instagram features a  strong female entrepreneur, producer, inventor, author, coach, and podcaster, expanding her presence to her Metaverse page. She is the only person that goes live on three different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and the Daymond John platform live.

She started on YouTuber originally as a blogger, podcaster, host, and influencer in 2021. After posting a podcast talking about her hair businesses, she got into the scene. Cloud first dove into the industry by making her strain of human/synthetic wigs and talking about them and their process. This was on the Podcast Business News  Network and The Elite Podcast Business News. It was then that she realized she could do anything. This opened doors of possibilities for her. She started making her own wigs this year. 

Cloud began three businesses, Blue Cloud cleaning LLC, Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC, and Wigs for Success INC. Over the past two years, she has turned them into an elevated empire for revenue through her social media presence. When asked where she drew her inspiration, she attributes her perseverance to her mother and children. Cloud grew up in dysfunctional poverty, where her mother taught her how to become a productive citizen as a young entrepreneur.

She started her business journey at only 36 years old. “I take pride in being able to help others. Being able  to uplift others.” She shares this love and passion with her  followers to inspire others not only in entrepreneurship, but in faith. 

Her mother inspired her to learn more about working and marketing, but the most important thing for Cloud is making genuine connections with people. She has done this through the Lord and being able to curve a  negative situation into a positive.  

Cloud is the entrepreneur, influencer, producer, author, inventor, Metaverse live video host to watch if you are looking for a down-to-earth,  inspiring female entrepreneur that will show you that anything you set your mind to is possible. 

You can find  Cloud on her YouTube Channel; The Kimberly Cloud  Show on Instagram @genuinelymichellewigsllc,  @wigsforsuccessinc, or @bluecloudcleaningllc. Cloud is also on Facebook under” The Kimberly Cloud Show.”

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