July 24, 2024
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How Nathan Delva Empowers Millennials through Fashion and Growth Opportunities

The fashion of an era reflects the personality of the generation that wears it every day. New York Fashion Week model, designer, and entrepreneur Nathan Delva believes that fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression. Hence, his clothing line called Envision Apparel aims to empower millennials and strengthen the culture of the younger generation across the globe. 

It all started with a vision for a successful future. Nathan Delva had to overcome his fair share of struggles before he finally found himself in the fashion industry. He realized that he had the talent and eye for fashion. Since then, Nathan has been committed to pouring his heart out into his craft, staying consistent in his pace to fulfill his plans, and focusing on what truly matters.

Founded in 2015, Envision Apparel empowers its wearers with its unique and fashion-forward designs. “I specialize in creating unique items that are distressed and have unique accessories,” shared the founder. “Versatility is the key in making custom-made, handmade items that are one of one, meaning no one else will be seen wearing the same item as you.”

The clothing line incorporates small pieces of art that embody profound messages. Nathan Delva also chose a small Chinese character which represents the journey filled with trials and errors that one has to go through before reaching success. The entrepreneur emphasizes the value of grinding and hustling continually, regardless of how many times that person feels defeated by his circumstances. 

Nathan Delva first started building Envision Apparel back when he was still a student in college. It was definitely a challenge for him to pursue a degree and run a business simultaneously. Still, he was confident that his brand has a bright future in the fashion industry. Beyond producing unique clothing pieces, Envision Apparel also aims to create employment opportunities for young teens and college students who are struggling financially. Nathan wants to expand the company’s reach to be able to create an impact in other people’s lives. 

Unlike other designers and entrepreneurs in the fashion scene, Nathan Delva focuses only on becoming a better version of himself every day instead of focusing on beating others. “When you see a future in a special talent, stick to it,” shared Nathan Delva. “Just put all your focus into it, stay consistent, and God will guide you to the finish line. I visualize a successful future by sharing my creations with the world. I truly have a passion for fashion,” added the entrepreneur.

Asked what motivated him to build Envision Apparel, Nathan Delva shared a very personal reason. “After sixth grade, my parents got divorced. I feel like that made my life change drastically. Going through that situation made me want to create a successful company that I could use to support my current and future family. This also made me want to break generational wealth.”

In five years, Nathan Delva aims to open several stores in various locations for Envision Apparel with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs helping him grow and scale his business. 

To learn more about Nathan Delva and Envision Apparel, visit their website and Instagram.

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