May 19, 2024
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How SCaaS is a Solution to Over-Diversification in Logistics

Several companies have found themselves struggling due to the supply chain crisis. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have struggled to meet customer demand. Menus have had to change at restaurants, and stores have empty shelves as products get stuck somewhere along the line. 

Companies such as Relloe, which bills itself as a “Supply Chain as a Service” solution, have come along to help businesses cope with the unique challenges of the supply chain crisis. While “Supply Chain as a service” — or SCaaS — may seem like a buzzword to capitalize on the popularity of SaaS solutions, it is much more. Relloe is positioning itself as the premier B2B provider of supply chain solutions, working with rapidly growing new brands to position them as leaders in the industry.

Streamlining the supply chain

Although many have proposed streamlining as a solution for the issues plaguing the supply chain, few have developed as comprehensive a solution as Relloe, which provides supply chain solutions to companies looking to take their brand to the next level. The company manages its network of world-class manufacturers and service providers to make manufacturing and distributing new products easy.

At every step of the process, Relloe has your brand’s back, from manufacturing to delivering the product to consumers. Relloe’s team has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, giving them the knowledge and skills it takes to meet and exceed clients’ needs. Every client gets access to a dedicated onshore and offshore account manager who works closely with them to ensure that the order is completed successfully.

Most manufacturing operations tend to be concerned with speed over quality, but with Relloe, there is no reason a product can’t be both fast and good. Relloe’s quality assurance is second-to-none, with regular inspections and tried-and-true quality control processes. Furthermore, the Relloe network is highly compliant, boasting some of the industry’s toughest standards and certifications.

Relloe knows that many new brands are looking to launch as soon as possible, so they offer solutions designed to help brands get off the ground in weeks, not months. For eligible customers, Relloe offers pricing in 48 hours and samples in as little as two weeks, reducing the friction and time it usually takes to launch a new product.

However, the complexity of a brand does not stop at manufacturing. Relloe also offers warehousing, fulfillment, and shipment solutions, some of the most complicated parts of running a brand. “Many companies forget that costs can add up,” asserts Edward Routh, founder of Relloe. “Relloe simplifies the process and makes costs much more transparent, giving the client a better experience.”

The importance of transparency and scalability

For Relloe, one of the most fundamental values of their company is transparency. A lack of transparency has been the downfall of many manufacturing and shipping operations, whether it is not having a clear timeline or failing to communicate when there are impediments to progress. At Relloe, the team prides itself on fast and responsive communication and transparent order tracking and management, ensuring that they know anything they need at any stage of the process.

Of course, transparency in pricing is also essential. Managing an entire supply chain on one’s own can be difficult, with prices coming from manufacturers, delivery providers, and service providers at every layer of the supply chain. However, Relloe handles all of this for their clients, charging a small platform fee on each order. This makes the process much simpler and more convenient for their clients, as they know exactly how much they need to spend upfront to launch their product.

Scalability is a crucial concern for any emerging brand, and Relloe can handle any growth needs. As a brand is able to grow, the role of Relloe gains importance because of the increased complexity of a large manufacturing operation compared to a smaller one. 

“We specialize in helping clients overcome bottlenecks, unlocking a new stage of growth for their company,” Routh says. “Our network is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, and there is a reason why that is the case.”

Relloe is revolutionizing the manufacturing and distribution industry with its unique approach to the supply chain. For brands that are overwhelmed by the complexity of managing a multi-part supply chain, Relloe can help manage the process at every step. Relloe is a one-stop shop for brands, delivering the reliable and quality service they need.

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