July 25, 2024
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How Stix Golf is Leveling the Playing Field

When it comes to playing golf, how important is it to have the right equipment? In the opinion of Golf Magazine, it is pretty important. From having the correct fit on your clubs to playing the best balls, the experts agree that having the proper equipment is going to lower your score and increase your satisfaction.

Unfortunately, having the right equipment can be costly. The Professional Golf Association’s “Winner’s Bag” shares information on the clubs that are carried in the bags of the sport’s top performers. A recent “Winner’s Bag” showed that Patrick Cantlay, who was ranked number four in the world of pro golf by CBS Sports in 2021, carries nearly $3,000 in clubs in his bag, including a $430 putter.

If spending that kind of money on your weekend hobby is challenging for you, do not worry. Stix Golf is here to help you improve your game without ruining your bank account.

Stix was born during the COVID-19 pandemic when co-founder and CEO Gabe Coyne decided he was ready for a more serious set of golf clubs. What he discovered was that his options were limited. It was either a “beginner” set that would not add anything to his game or an à la carte set of expensive clubs that would put him back several thousand dollars.

“I wondered why the gap between beginner and pro was so crazy. I knew there had to be people playing in the middle, but there were not great club sets under $1,000,” Coyne explains. “I felt like I discovered a new opportunity for disruption, like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s did for the shaving industry. I was feeling the same thing about golf: everybody is claiming the latest, greatest tech that will turn me into a tour player and I know that’s not the case.”

When Coyne did not find a brand offering modern, high-tech clubs for golfers at his stage of the game, he drew upon his entrepreneurial spirit and began to build Stix.

Stix applies a “less is more” philosophy to its design to bring golfers a club that provides quality without a hefty price tag. Its designers utilize advanced technology and the best materials to ensure that the clubs perform and hold up. And they have an up-to-the-minute, minimalistic design that any golfer would be proud to pull out of their bag.

Stix makes it easy for golfers to get started by keeping the variables to a minimum. If you are a casual player, you can order the Casual 9-piece set. The Classic Set includes 11 clubs. The Complete Set includes 14. If you want to supplement what you are already working with, Stix also offers Wedge, Iron, and Distance sets. Each club is available in a right-handed and left-handed model and they can be customized to your height and desired shaft stiffness.

Coyne describes their Stix clubs as “confidence-builder hardware” that is accessible to golfers at exactly the right moment in the development of their game.

“The better you look, the better you’ll play,” Coyne explains. “If your gear looks and feels great, you are going to feel confident and play better.”

Stix commitment to provide great clubs at a great price extends to all golfers, regardless of their gender. Stix has shied away from the “shrink it and pink it” approach to providing clubs for women golfers, in which men’s clubs are made smaller and “prettier” for women golfers. Stix clubs are genderless. They are all black. They are all designed to help you take your game to the next level. And they all work for both men and women.

The reviews on the products that Stix is offering support what the company says about its brand: they deliver great feel and performance at a fraction of the price that other brands are charging. One notable review comes from Rick Shiels, the former professional golfer turned YouTuber who provides golf advice to nearly 2 million subscribers.

“This driver REALLY impressed me,” says Shiels about the Stix driver. “This package set could get big brands VERY WORRIED.”

While golfers often are tempted to buy into the latest golf fad and its promise to cut strokes off of their score, the reality is most golfers simply need a club that works. Stix describes their clubs as clubs “for the rest of us; golf lovers who just want to swing stronger, hit further, and love the way the clubs feel. Because unless you are Tiger Woods, a crazy-expensive pro kit will not change your game.”

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