May 27, 2024
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How Team Engage is Transforming Lives Through a New Approach

How Team Engage is Transforming Lives Through a New Approach
Photo Courtesy: Erin Latterell Burk

Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper, the dynamic duo behind Team Engage, are revolutionizing personal and professional development. With their impressive backgrounds and unique approach to human transformation, they have taken the online business world by storm and are changing the way people look at personal growth and team training.

Danelle Delgado, the CEO of Life Intended and Co-Founder of Team Engage, is said to be the “millionaire maker.” Her mission is to guide individuals in building million-dollar businesses, both online and offline. Not only has she become a best-selling author, but she’s also one of the most sought-after female speakers and corporate trainers in the world. Delgado specializes in marketing, sales, online business strategy, communication, and personal development. 

Mike Draper, a former SWAT police officer and Air Force veteran, has transitioned into a viral content creator who has captured the world’s attention. With a background in real estate and mortgages, he combines his analytical skills with a profound understanding of social media strategy. As a single dad to his 8-year-old daughter Ellie, Mike has built a massive online following of over 1.3 million organic followers. His mix of humor, persistence, and proven systems positions him as a leading figure in the social media landscape.

The early chapters of Mike’s life story reveal a remarkable transformation. Mike was struggling in school but then was able to make changes and join the Air Force and travel the world. As a police officer, he handled countless high-pressure situations, including interrogations, crisis interventions, and engaging with individuals facing mental health challenges. These experiences honed his understanding of human psychology, a skill set that would prove invaluable in his future endeavors.

Mike completed his MBA at the University of Washington and managed to flip 20 residences for extra cash on top of his hard-charging police profession. His life changed dramatically when he became a single father, which inspired him to give up his job as a police officer and provide a secure home for his daughter, Ellie. The main things that motivate Mike are his commitment to Ellie, his connections, his business, and his health.

Team Engage was born out of Danelle and Mike’s desire to help those who couldn’t identify the problems holding them back from their true potential. They realized that many individuals are too close to their issues or are afraid to confront them, which leads to stagnation in their personal and professional lives. Team Engage’s goal is to unpack these problems and help people overcome them.

The difficulties they have faced along the way have only strengthened Danelle and Mike’s resolve. They stand out in their field because of their commitment to mending people’s spirits rather than merely improving their abilities. Real transformation is frequently elusive with traditional training approaches, and Team Engage has found this gap. They provide a special fusion of social media strategy, personal development, and sales teams. The end product is a virtual training program that is dynamic, enjoyable, and incredibly successful in reducing staff turnover, accelerating results, and raising engagement levels.

Team Engage has implemented a “13 Rules of Engagement Training System”, which represents a groundbreaking approach that goes beyond conventional training. This approach incorporates fun, engagement, and ‘edutainment.’ Bridging the gap between traditional and modern, Team Engage introduces an “Edutainment” approach, making learning an experience, not just a process.

In the coming years, Delgado and Draper envision Team Engage becoming the go-to choice for companies seeking transformative team training. Their goal is to empower people to become their best selves. They aim to heal the humans and scale the company, focusing on both productivity and well-being.

In conclusion, Team Engage is more of a movement than a brand. With years of human progress as their foundation, Danelle and Mike offer the tools to help individuals work toward success and personal growth. They are poised to take the corporate world by storm, one employee, one sales team, and one CEO at a time, and they’ve never been more ready to help individuals and companies reach their full potential.


Published by: Khy Talara


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