July 20, 2024
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How the Small Team Behind Get Direct Data Wields the Power to Disrupt the Data Space

Dr. Connor Robertson, Dr. Keith Cronin, and Bryce Robertson, the brilliant minds behind Get Direct Data, are three powerhouses who believe that anyone can reach impressive heights these days so long as one is determined and takes advantage of the ever-evolving nature of the digital realm. As they breathe life into their newest idea, they hope to be a beacon of growth and success for thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses across industries. 

Dr. Connor Robertson and Dr. Keith Cronin are investors and former medical professionals who have always believed in the power of grit, hard work, and innovation. Having helped several companies of all sizes scale their businesses and improve their performances for over 25 years, these two power players have played an instrumental role in the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to scale their online based businesses. On a mission to equip more businesses with the data that they need to run their startups, Dr. Robertson and Dr. Cronin continue to make waves by helping Bryce Robertson materialize his purpose-driven vision of shaking up industries and helping businesses grow.

Driven by the mission to lend people a hand as they overcome the challenge of growing their businesses, Bryce Robertson came to Connor and Keith with the idea that would potentially disrupt the diluted market. Although the business realm is already riddled with tools that aim to propel entrepreneurs towards the summits of success, their idea gains recognition for its state-of-the-art characteristics and innovative flair. For this reason, Get Direct Data is taking center stage, raising the standard in a highly competitive industry.

Together, Connor, Keith and Bryce have created an unstoppable force within Get Direct Data. They are actively looking to face-off against the veterans in the industry like ZoomInfo, Apollo and Seamless. Whether one is a small business or a medium-sized organization, entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life should consider Get Direct Data as a strong alternative to the bigger players like ZoomInfo.com and Apollo.io. By being more affordable and less restrictive, this emerging enterprise addresses the gap, setting a precedent for hundreds of industry players worldwide.

As the digital era continues to evolve in the coming years, Get Direct Data does not have any intention of slowing down any time soon. With data as the new currency, individuals and organizations that wish to scale their companies will find that entrusting their businesses with Get Direct Data will help them transform their vision into reality. Keep an eye out over the coming months as Get Direct Data takes ZoomInfo, Apollo and Seamless head on. Apart from this, Bryce Robertson aims to diversify the company and evolve it into a household name in the industry for years to come.

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