June 24, 2024
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How This Trailblazing Young Artist Is Setting Records With Her Successful Art Business

The world is filled with many wonders, and sometimes, these wonders come in the form of humans who find ways to make the world their oyster regardless of the odds stacked against them. Clara Woods is one of such humans, and she’s taking giant strides in the art world while inspiring the world with her powerful story.

Being born with severe brain damage due to a prenatal stroke can, without a doubt, be a wrecking ball to not just the child but its family. However, Clara Woods and her family figured out a way to blow the wrecking ball out of their way to help Clara build a life that inspired many people. The doctors wrote Clara off, saying she would not have an easy everyday life, but her parents took it in stride, adapted and set on the journey of giving her the best life possible.

The Clara Woods brand began in 2016 when she started painting classes at ten. It was tumultuous as all she did was destroy her works, but over time, she began to express herself with colors, shapes and a beauty that left people astonished. Her first art teacher, Astrid Hohenegger, taught her the basics while her mom, Betina Genovesi, who doubles as her manager, gave her a book about Frida Khalo.

Like the keys to a tightly locked chest, Frida Khalo opened Clara’s mind to a new world of opportunities and ignited in her the desire to explore the world and do more things. Now, over the last six years, Clara Woods has built a thriving art brand, and her story of perseverance, positivity and family support despite all odds is one to inspire anyone globally. She has sold over 650 paintings internationally and done about thirty exhibitions on three continents. Her artistic talents have shone through over the years, making her entire family dedicate their time, efforts and skills to build her brand. In 2019, her parents sold the family business to focus on building Clara’s brand. “It was the most difficult decision of our lives, but Clara would not have the same opportunities as someone of her age so building her brand and chasing our dreams is something we’re all dedicated to,” her mother said. One of our goals is to build something that other people with talents and disabilities can be part of, learning how to deal with a business and having help to rise and shine as Clara did.

Clara Woods’ paintings are beyond just works of art; they showcase the strong values that keep Clara’s story alive, and they are geared towards people who like positive things, art, family values and running a business in difficult conditions. The Clara Woods Collection is all about diversity, inclusion and equality. The art in the collection explored themes like love and resilience while addressing the hopes of chasing a dream and risking everything to pursue something unconventional.

Over the next few years, the goals for Clara Woods Collection are to gain a presence in more countries and get her art to travel far and wide to all the continents in the world. Clara Woods has shown that being disabled or challenged health-wise does not get in the way of greatness. Her story is as inspiring as her work, and with her supportive family and team, there’s more work to be done.

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