July 18, 2024
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How Yacht Hampton offers Luxury and Style without the Hefty Price Tag to South Florida

“All you need is the boat.” That’s what you’ll hear from the breakthrough entrepreneur Joe Ialacci, a man who has revolutionized the boating club by bringing the Hamptons lifestyle to more people via a boat rental business that has boomed amidst the economic crisis. 

2021 has been anything but easy for the majority of people in the country as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cripple economies, especially those that have to do with luxury and lifestyle. Despite that, Yacht Hampton has flipped the script and made this year one of the best it has seen over the past few years. During the summer, the boating club drastically disrupted the way Hamptonites experience boating. Today, Yacht Hampton is gearing up for more expansion by adding more yachts and vessels to its fleet over the next coming months. 

Joe’s vision for the next few years is pretty simple. He wants to target the whole of South Florida, or, as he would say it, “from Jupiter to Miami.”

“Whether we’re talking to a native or someone looking to feel like one, there is a boat with everyone’s name on it, a captain to steer you every knot of the way, and a rental price to keep your trip budget afloat,” shares the club’s founder.

Yacht Hampton rests on a straightforward concept: there’s always someone who wants to experience luxury on the sea. So whether it’s for a Palm Beach bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday bash, wedding, or any other special occasion or day out with friends or family, the boat rental company is out to bring people memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Yacht Hampton mantra depends heavily on its customer-first approach to everything. “We take pride in our huge selection of boats and luxurious yachts that could raise a perfectly trimmed James Bond eyebrow,” as the company’s website would put it. Planning an outing with a boat is pretty simple. Avid boat renters can simply submit dates and a boat of choice from their fleet page then show up at the docks to take a day out on the sea with a Yacht that will make the next several hours some of their most memorable ever. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive spike in boat rentals for Yacht Hampton. Most would attribute this to the fact that people want more closed group celebrations with more social distancing. A yacht rental provides that. To meet rising demand, Joe started buying more boats as the pandemic started and during.

Joe Ialacci also emphasizes that the available boats are some of the most recent releases, with seven out of ten of their fleet vessels being a 2020 model or above. “This isn’t your Grandpa  Earl’s boat club,” exclaims the boat club CEO and owner. In addition, the sharing economy has brought about a whole new industry of short-term rentals on experiential assets like sports cars, private jets, luxury homes, and more recently, yachts and boating vessels. 

With 2022 on the horizon and a new reality now in sight, Joe believes that more growth will come to his industry. And if anything, he wants to be more than ready for the surge once tourism and celebrations go full swing. 

Learn more about the Yacht Hampton’s new launch in South Florida, check out their fleet  through their new  website.

Country: United States

Media contact: Joe Ialacci

Company: South Florida Yacht Rental 

Email: captain@southfloridayachtrental.com

Phone number: +1 561-945-8527

Website: www.southfloridayachtrental.com

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