June 24, 2024
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Humanitarian Ayat Abuznade Leads Team Humanity USA Onward to Impact More People Living in Despair

From war-stricken regions to poverty-hit continents across the world, humanitarian Ayat Abuznade boldly visits these regions to bring emergency and humanitarian aid to people to alleviate their suffering. Being caught in the middle of a war or living in a region where there is water scarcity and no food security is no way to live at all, and through her non-profit organization, Team Humanity USA, Ayat hopes to make a difference in the lives of thousands upon thousands of people fleeing conflict areas or trying to survive in dire situations. 

With Ayat taking the lead, Team Humanity USA established the Ukraine Emergency project, helping refugees get to safe locations outside of their home country after the invasion by Russia as ordered by President Vladimir Putin. At the height of the Russian attack, Ayat and her team prepared five buses to transport fleeing refugees from either Mykolaiv or Odesa. Back then, it would take a 16-hour drive to get people to a safe location. A few weeks later, thanks to the help of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and organizations with access to satellite imagery, they were able to create a safe and faster route that allowed Team Humanity USA to transport more than a thousand refugees. 

Apart from the Impact Ukraine Project, Ayat also developed the Afghanistan Emergency Appeal, which intends to address the loss of livelihood and threats to women’s safety in the conflict-stricken nation. Through this initiative, Team Humanity USA is able to provide families with life-saving support and much-needed recovery assistance. 

Another commendable project that Team Humanity USA focused on is the Water Well Project in Kenya, Africa, where at least 500 people can have access to clean and safe water supply in various locations. Right now, at least 400 million Africans are suffering from water scarcity due to climate change, population growth, and poverty. By addressing the very basic need for water, Team Humanity USA hopes to pave the way for a better future for millions of Africans. 

Impact Lebanon, Warm Children’s Hearts, and the Christmas Hope Project are three other initiatives that Ayat established. Her vision to develop Team Humanity USA in 2019 stemmed from her experience as a volunteer at the Zaatari Refugee Camp, a region between Syria and Jordan. While there, she met Yaseen, an 8-year-old boy who lost his arm due to a missile strike. Connecting with the likes of Yaseen at Zaatari allowed Ayat to broaden her perspective of the world, including humanitarian work. 

This year, Ayat Abuznade was awarded two Anthem Awards: the Humanitarian Product Leader of the Year and the Humanitarian Service Leader of the Year. The Anthem Awards honor the purpose and mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. Ayat is nothing but grateful for the recognition, and the awards continue to inspire her to never give up on the projects she started through Team Humanity USA, no matter how challenging the path gets. 

In the coming years, Ayat Abuznade is bent on growing Team Humanity USA significantly in order to help more people. Through their existing projects around the world, she envisions a safer and more promising future for the people, and her team is passionately helping. 

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