July 22, 2024
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“I’m Trying To Help Every Person Achieve What They’ve Set Out To Achieve,” A Vice President’s Full Proof Advice On Running A Successful Business

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Micah McQueen is the Vice President of Priority Roofing, and here he shares 5 pieces of advice that have helped his company rise straight to the top. 

Running a business is hard, but running a successful business is even harder. Micah McQueen, Vice President of Priority Roofing, knows this all too well. 

McQueen joined the company in 2018, and has since played an integral role in their success. He is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and inspiration who always encourages the people around him to work hard and do the best that they can. 

He operates the affluent company alongside his business partner Will Miller, and together they’ve built an empire of strong and enthusiastic individuals who are ready to take on any challenge in the sales industry and outside of it.

But how exactly do you manage to scale and grow a business while also ensuring that your team members feel encouraged and celebrated to succeed? 

With a goal to change as many lives as possible and a background in nonprofit work, McQueen does his part to make sure that his team members and employees feel supported across all ten of Priority Roofing locations. Here are 5 key pieces of advice that he has for business owners that can help them to attain a similar level of success within their own companies and beyond: 

  • Hire People Who Align With Your Values

“You can’t 100% train people to have the same values that you have, which is why investing in your people really starts with hiring and recruiting. Our managers are well-trained and determined to ask the right questions so that we get people that come to Priority Roofing that already have the type of values that we want. And that’s not to say that everybody believes the same thing. There’s a tremendous amount of diversity, but the general consensus of what good values are, what integrity is, what honesty is, those types of things we seek from the very beginning,” he says.

McQueen shares that at Priority Roofing, they provide the same training across all ten of their locations, and that that type of investment in the front end ensures that they get quality people working for them. 

“We invest more in our people than what I see anywhere else in the industry,” he tells us. “We have a very comprehensive training and onboarding program, where there isn’t any of that sink or swim mentality,” he adds.

  • Make No Excuses

McQueen believes that when you make excuses for yourself, you ultimately make excuses for failure. Instead, you have to make no excuses, especially when it comes to things you could have done better. 

“When you start with that as a bottom line, you can always find a solution. There’s so many times in life when it seems like there is no solution, and the mountain in front of you is too big to go around, but there is always an answer. When you start with that mentality, it can bring success because you have the determination to find your way.”

  • Take Responsibility For The Good And The Bad

“I always take responsibility for the success and failure of things,” he says. “And when there is success, be sure to praise other people and when there is failure, take responsibility for it.”

Taking responsibility for both the good and the bad is a quality of a good leader, but McQueen explains that that responsibility is more than just words. It’s also actions, thoughts, figuring out solutions and collaborating with others.

  • Seek Out Mentors To Guide You

“At a certain point, I tried to figure out everything on my own, but that didn’t go too well. It’s extremely overwhelming and unrealistic to think that you can do everything by yourself,” he says. “So I would definitely encourage somebody who is starting out a new business to seek out mentors that have done it before.”

This way you will get someone with previous knowledge to speak wisdom into your experiences and hopefully help you avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that many entrepreneurs and business owners have made along their journey. 

  • Always Have A Purpose

“If you don’t have a why, you won’t go very far in life,” he tells us. “We need a purpose to keep moving forward. And I think that same concept for an individual also applies to a company.”

He explains that if you don’t have a purpose, at some point you’ll stop growing because there’s nothing that unites you or propels you forward. 

“For me personally, one part of my purpose, especially at Priority Roofing, is that I see other people have both the opportunity to chase their own dreams, and that I see them fulfill those dreams as well,” he says.

So much of what McQueen does in terms of running a business and being a leader is holding people accountable, not just to their jobs and responsibilities within the company, but to their dreams and goals as well.

“I’m trying to help every person achieve what they’ve set out to achieve. And that brings me a lot of joy,” he concludes.

If you found value in what you read here and would like to learn more about Micah McQueen or Priority Roofing, be sure to visit their website and see how they can serve you in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, California, Denver, and beyond.

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