June 21, 2024
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Inclusive, Empowering Swimwear: How Blankkini is Revolutionising Smartly Designed Body-Positive Beach Fashion

A decade ago, if one were to picture the archetypal swimsuit model, it wouldn’t be too difficult to conjure up an image of a long-legged, slim, bronzed goddess with toned abs and “perfect” proportions. The fashion industry itself has a grim history when it comes to body positivity and diversity, and although there is still much to be achieved, change is creeping in. When, for example, plus-size model Ashley Graham graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, a magazine which had heretofore primarily featured models with size-zero figures, it became clear that the conversation around body inclusivity had been propelled into mainstream fashion.

Nowhere has the need for inclusive fashion been more dire than in the swimsuit industry; not only is there a lack of adequate sizing options for plus-size women, there are a myriad of styles and cuts which are marketed only for the lean and limber.

Since its outset, Blankkini has made it its mission to create swimwear designed to flatter all body types. As the brand continues to establish itself in the American swimwear scene, here are four reasons why Blankkini is the perfect beachwear choice for the modern woman.

Tan-through fabric technology lets you tan evenly

Blankkinni’s products are made in Italy using German technology, and the innovative tan-through fabric is designed to allow 73%-80% tanning rays (UVA) to enter through the fabric, while blocking the harmful UVB rays, so you can tan evenly and safely. Remember the feeling of seeing those unsightly white tan-lines, and the pains you took to avoid them: pulling straps down, manoeuvring your swimsuit to expose the hard-to-reach bits. With Blankkini, tanning is easy and uncomplicated- so you can focus on having fun.

Swimwear built to flatter every shape

Blankkini’s ultra-stretchable fabric is made using a Smart Fibre technology, which replaces polyester with Blankkini yarn, boosting its elasticity by around 20%. This is what gives it that fantastic fit, allowing the swimwear to drape over your curves and provide you with the support and confidence you need to be your authentic self. We all remember the feeling when you order a cute new swimsuit online, only to find it hangs off of you or just outright looks wrong. Blankkini’s laser-cut pieces are designed to ensure that perfect fit, every time- because you deserve only the best.

Choose the coverage you need to feel your best

Blankkini offers an array of unique designs and cuts, ranging from bikinis, halters, bandeaus, monokinis, and more. There are options for longer or shorter sleeves, high and low necklines and alluring cutouts, which means there’s a Blankkini out there for everyone, no matter what your coverage preference. The best part? Blankkini’s state-of-the-art tan through fabric technology allows sun rays to pass through. It is designed in a way which allows only the rays that cause tanning to pass through the fabric, which means you no longer have to worry about fiddling around with your swimwear to tan evenly, giving you the freedom to choose the level of coverage you prefer.

3. Unique Designs that stand out

Blankkini’s designs are incredibly chic and bound to get lots of attention at any beach hangout. From floral concepts to animal prints, Blankkini’s summer collection is perfect for the bold, confident woman who wants to inject some personality into her swimwear choices this summer; It’s the perfect way to tie in your self-expression with your sartorial choices. Another reason why the swimwear has a marked aesthetic advantage over other brands in the market is that it uses high-pressure printing instead of the normal surface printing, which means the print is visible inside out.

4. Comfortable, chic swimwear on the go

With swimwear that fits like second skin, you’ll feel as amazing as you’ll look. Blankkini’s fabric is also dry fit, so you can stay fresh all day no matter what beach activities you choose to partake in. Because it’s so much more than just a swimsuit; It’s a swimwear experience.

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