June 19, 2024
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Inky Creating Timeless Music and Putting His Community on the Map

Inky (Born Sharn Forrest on July 21, 1990) is a Caribbean rapper, songwriter, and record producer who began pursuing music at the tender age of 14 after he moved to the Island of St. Maarten. When starting, he was known to the public as “Young S,” which was his first-ever stage name. Over the years, Inky realized that music was the career of choice, and he wanted to pursue his music further. His music and lyrics showcase the full potential of a hip-hop superstar.

Inky has been featured and has collaborated on numerous tracks with some of the local musicians/rappers on St. Maarten and natives of New York. Now more mature and also a father, Inky has begun to pursue his solo career more seriously. He is currently pushing his music via his independent label, Ink Gang, an ultra-modern, bass-heavy record label that’s full of lyricism and good melodies. Inky is a powerhouse that spends hours in the studio, and he is focused on perfecting his craft and bringing good content to the world, the industry, and most importantly, his fans.

Inky’s artistry and music have been described as authentic, particularly on how it touches people on a global scale. It is also worthy to note that hailing from Jamaica, Inky’s music is rooted back home in the Caribbean, and it is helping everyday people get through their lives and struggles. “I often refer to my music as a potent stress reliever once you plug your earphones in, you’re in another world, already forgotten about your hardships of the day, and now you’re in my zone, my creative space where I take control of your wandering mind through my lyrics,” he explained. 

And while he tries to touch as many people as possible with his music, it is also a means of communication for him and an avenue to release his pain. 

Several artists have come and gone, and in a competitive industry such as the music industry, Inky understands that it takes more than talent to remain in the limelight. Compared to his peers, what sets him apart is his ability to make timeless music and the fact that he is not money-driven. Although he is not against making money, and as a matter of fact, he intends to make loads of money, enough to take care of his community. But he wants people to distinguish between him and the other artists because, unlike others, he is in the music business to stay and hopes to influence cultures with his music. 

Speaking of his motivation, Inky admits that seeing his childhood idols such as Dame dash and Jay Z successfully build brands that go beyond the music and see their ability to make an impact in several other fields and industries inspired him greatly. “Whether it’s Kanye with the clothing or ace of spades with Jay-Z or even recently with Nas and the cryptocurrency wave. I want to build an authentic, unique brand that stands out within the culture that attracts billion-dollar investors and large corporations that have products and services that I can partner with that can make a change to the community through my fan base.” He adds. 

On where he sees himself in the next five years, he said, “I see myself as an established brand in the hip hop culture and at a height in my career where I can focus on my artist and their growth more so take a CEO position in my label and just focus on the business knowing that I would have work on my craft the previous five years to get to this stage and took a lot of wins and losses and can now pass on that game to my artist on my label so that they won’t make the same mistakes I did and have a smoother career with longevity.”

Connect with Inky on Instagram to learn more about him.

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